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#Ant Man

Michael Douglas, Like Every Actor On Earth, Wants To Appear In An ‘Avengers’ Movie

By | 11 Comments

Because he loves his 'Marvel family' and also paychecks, 'Ant-Man' star Michael Douglas would be fine making an 'Avengers' cameo.

the desk

Remember To Be Safe When You’re Blowing Stuff Up For The 4th Of July

By | 5 Comments

From increased terror threats to your drunk relatives and their bottle rockets, there's no such thing as being too safe this 4th of July.

The Wire

Sonja Sohn Discusses The Legacy Of ‘The Wire’ And Its Potential As A Tool For Social Change

By and | 3 Comments

Sonja Sohn and her co-stars from 'The Wire' will reunite in Baltimore on July 18 for a great cause. She spoke to us about the show and the cause.

the desk

Greece Is On The Verge Of Being The First Country To Have Its Kneecaps Broken

By | 19 Comments

On today's episode of 'The Desk,' we take a look at what Greece's financial crisis means for people in America.


Joe Rogan Will Not Stand For TV Land Taking ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’ Off The Air

By | 20 Comments

Are you upset that TV Land pulled 'The Dukes of Hazzard' because of the General Lee's paint job? Not as upset as Joe Rogan.


‘Seinfeld’ Writer And Author Peter Mehlman On Life After TV, Murdering Ross Geller, And Yada Yada

By and | 5 Comments

The author discusses the legacy of Seinfeld's wonderful catchphrases, and the 'Friends' crossover that never happened.

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser

Time-Traveling Joe Dirt Meets Christopher Walken All Over Again In This New Clip From Joe Dirt 2

By | 3 Comments

Joe Dirt runs into his old buddy and mob boss Clem all over again in this new clip from 'Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser.'

the desk

It’s Now Harder Than Ever For California’s Anti-Vax Parents To Make Your Kids Sick

By | 15 Comments

California governor Jerry Brown's new vaccination law has anti-vaxxers, and especially Jim Carrey, furious with him.

the desk

With Donald Trump Fired By NBC, The Real Victims Are Washed Up Celebrities

By | 18 Comments

Today on 'The Desk,' Donald Trump's downfall at NBC leaves his 'Celebrity Apprentice' cronies without a home.


Here’s The First Look At The Uniforms From Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’

By | 43 Comments

All you have to do is imagine the actresses wearing these 'Ghostbusters' uniforms, and it's like looking at a poster.

#South Park

Matt Stone And Trey Parker Say ‘South Park’ Will Run Until Comedy Central Cancels It

By | 23 Comments

Matt Stone and Trey Parker say they'll keep new seasons of 'South Park' coming until Comedy Central pulls the plug on it.

the desk

Today On ‘The Desk': The Brave Politicians Who Stand Opposed To Gay Marriage

By | 14 Comments

While many people celebrated the legalization of gay marriage, Republican presidential candidates lashed out at the Supreme Court.


Channing Tatum’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Film Isn’t Happening Anytime Soon

By | 10 Comments

Channing Tatum called his 'Ghostbusters' project 'messy,' but Reid Carolin says it's just not happening at all anymore.


The Rock Fails Miserably At Preparing Clay Matthews For A Career On ‘SportsCenter’

By | 5 Comments

In this new ad for HBO's 'Ballers,' The Rock wants Scott Van Pelt to believe that Clay Matthews has a career as an ESPN personality.


Season 2 Of ‘Daredevil’ Is Being Referred To As ‘Daredevil Vs. The Punisher’

By | 30 Comments

'Daredevil' co-showrunner Marco Ramirez has reportedly confirmed that the Punisher will be making Matt Murdock's life even bloodier.

new words

The Oxford English Dictionary Adds New Words Like Masshole And Fratty


The Oxford English Dictionary has updated and revised 900 words and added another 500, including fo' shizzle, freegan, and Masshole.

Heroes: Reborn

The Extraordinary Step Forward In NBC’s New Trailer For ‘Heroes: Reborn’

By | 7 Comments

The man in the horn-rimmed glasses is back in the 'extraordinary' new trailer for NBC's 'Heroes: Reborn.'

Fuller House

‘Full House’ Creator Jeff Franklin Talks About The Netflix Reunion That Almost Didn’t Happen

By and | 8 Comments

Netflix is bringing the Tanners back with 'Fuller House,' but creator Jeff Franklin said his idea almost never happened.

Warner Bros.

Oil Yourselves Up And Check Out These New Clips From ‘Magic Mike XXL’


'Magic Mike XXL' is almost here, so start waving your dollar bills in the air while you watch these new clips.

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