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The Six Most Annoying Players In Online Games

By | 7 Comments

In online games, players trade narrative depth for the company of other human beings, brought to them by the scratchy magic of teamspeak.

Virtual Reality

Seven Technologies That Are Going to Kill Us All

By | 23 Comments

Across the centuries, many things have been predicted to end the world.

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How to Get Your Partner Interested in Videogames

By | 12 Comments

According to a recent <a href="http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2007/12/report-63-percent-of-us-population-now-plays-video-games.ars">study</a>, sixty three percent of the US population plays video-games.


The 5 Worst Things About the Gaming Industry

By | 33 Comments

Let's get one thing clear: the gaming industry is, in many ways, wonderful.


How To Build Your Own Computer

By | 6 Comments

Computers are one of the least intuitive and most poorly understood technologies to enter into wide use, second only to the microwave.


Four Ways Science Will Kick Death’s Ass

By | 12 Comments

Science has given us many wonderful things: Jet aircraft, fast food, atomic power, robotic limbs, and internet pornography.


How to Throw A LAN Party

By | 13 Comments

<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/lan-party1.jpg"></a>A LAN party is an event in which a number of geeks (for example: you) gather up their beloved computers, consoles, dangerous beverages, and favorite tabletop games, and get together for a good old-fashioned evening of unadulterated geekery.

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How To Talk About Your Hobby Without Sounding Like a Serial Killer

By | 5 Comments

<a href="http://2fm.rte.ie/blogs/dave_fanning_news/2009/09/21/hannibal-lecter-hopkinsopt.jpg"> </a> Everyone has a hobby.

Web Security

How To Keep Your Grandparents Safe Online

By | 18 Comments

Ever since Grandpa Thag expressed confusion over how to use the new sharp rocks to cut his mammoth steak, there's existed a long-standing distrust between new technology and the elderly.

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