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Belle Chere’s Eye-Popping Cosplay Costumes

By | 9 Comments

If you're a regular reader of Gamma Squad, then you know that there is an impressive number of extraordinary cosplayers out there.


Get Creepy With The Introspective Art Of CJ Tanedo


CJ Tanedo's self portraits look like something out of the film "The Cell," showing the inner struggle of a man by literally showing that man fighting himself.

Rare Stills

Rare ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’ Stills Will Pick You Up And Carry You Away

By | 2 Comments

Some rare and incredibly charming photos from the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" have surfaced and man, it looks like those monster makers were having a blast.


I Don’t Want To Live On This Planet Anymore Without Custom ‘Futurama’ Sneakers


Do you have some intergalactic deliveries you need to make.


Plots From The Unaired Season 8 of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Make Hilarious Tweets

By | 3 Comments

What would an eighth season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" have looked like.


Square Painter Brings Internet Humor To Your Favorite 8-Bit Characters


I think we can all agree that Internet catchphrases and old school video games go together like peanut butter and jelly.


I Choose You Poke-Pumpkin!


Finally a pokeball that gives you some idea of the pokemon inside.


Zombie Gameboy Rises From The Dead To Eat Living Circuits


Tell your new game systems to be afraid, the old ones are rising up and are hungry for fresh wires.


‘Chronicle’ Looks Like ‘Heroes’ Done Right

By | 4 Comments

What if you and your buddies from high school happened to get super powers.

Zombie Barbie

Zombie Barbie: Finally A Barbie Doll We Can Support

By | 2 Comments

Oh, Barbie still likes going to the mall, only she's going there because living people with warm brains are holed up inside.


Avengers Trailer Gets A Super Fun Sweded Version


Would it be sacrilege to say I prefer this trailer to the real Avengers trailer.

sonic screwdriver

Gamma Squad Giveaway: Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Pen

By | 75 Comments

Whether you're fighting off Daleks or taking notes in your temporal physics class you're going to need an awesome pen that doubles as a sonic screwdriver.


Famous Movie Doors Have Their Day In Art Of Edgar Ascensão


Doors have a special place in speculative fiction, in boring, regular fiction they are merely a barrier between two rooms but in Sci-Fi and Fantasy they lead to weird worlds and keep out evil demons.

World Problems

Mo’ Worlds, Mo’ Problems: Future World, Fifth World and Ancient History Problems


No one is going to say that the Occupy Wall Street folks don't have something to complain about (OK, no one who isn't on Fox News), but let's face it, there are other problems in the world.


25 Ray Guns, Blasters and Phasers Inspired by the Sci-Fi of Yesteryear

By | 2 Comments

The best part of technology that has never existed is that there is no logic that determines what it must look like.


Sweet Science Graphic Shirts by Nonfiction Tees


Sometimes you've got to wear your geek on your sleeve, or in this case on the front of your t-shirt.

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