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Happy Madison And NBC Are Rebooting ‘Real Genius’ As A Workplace Sitcom

By | 15 Comments

The 1985 cult classic comedy 'Real Genius' has a sitcom script commitment from NBC and will be produced by Happy Madison.


The Long, Powerful History Of Stephanie McMahon Slapping The Hell Out Of People

By | 29 Comments

For Stephanie McMahon's 38th birthday, we pay tribute to her trademark leadership technique - slapping people.


The Full Trailer For ‘The Interview’ Has Everything But ‘McConaughey Goat F*ck’

By | 3 Comments

This new trailer for 'The Interview' is perfect for people who want to believe that this movie isn't full of ridiculous vulgar language.


Keanu Reeves Says He Would Make ‘Speed 3′ (And Was Probably Joking)

By | 7 Comments

Is Keanu Reeves ready to finally make 'Speed 3'? No. Probably not.

the drowning

The iPhone Game ‘The Drowning’ Is Being Adapted For The Big Screen

By | 2 Comments

Radar Pictures has tapped the writers of 'The Expendables 3' to pen the screenplay for a movie based on the iPhone game 'The Drowning.'


The Super Serious ‘Pauly Shore Stands Alone’ Has Been Picked Up By Showtime

By | 15 Comments

Pauly Shore's serious documentary about his struggles to regain his popularity while coping with personal issues is coming to Showtime.


A Department Store Is In Boiling Water Over This Incredibly Tasteless Rape T-Shirt

By | 24 Comments

Sometimes a department store just can’t control the kinds of t-shirts that make it to the shelves, or at least that’s what the people at The SM Store in the Philippines are hoping furious customers will believe.


Keith Olbermann Wants Everybody To Cool It With The Derek Jeter Worship

By | 39 Comments

As everyone in baseball continues to treat Derek Jeter like a deity, Keith Olbermann thinks that people need to get a grip already.

The Legend of Zelda

Return To Hyrule: A 30-Something’s Attempt To Finally Beat ‘The Legend Of Zelda’

By | 21 Comments

In honor of Nintendo's 125th birthday, we journey back to the land of Hyrule to reexamine just how hard it was to rescue Princess Zelda.


Celebrate ‘Dogs In Politics Day’ With This Ranking Of Presidential Pooches

By | 7 Comments

Which president's dog was the best in history? Let's investigate with this special ranking for Dogs in Politics Day.


Watch All 236 Episodes Of ‘Friends’ In The Very Succinct ‘The One With 236 Seconds’

By | 5 Comments

This supercut basically tells you the entire story of 'Friends' so you don't have to watch TBS every day for the rest of the year.

#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Has Given Up Booze, Which Is Great Because He’s Not Even 21 Yet

By | 8 Comments

The Canadian pop star has decided to reverse course and get his life together by cutting out alcohol and junk food.

Syfy movies

SyFy’s ‘Lavalantula’ Is A Movie About Fire-Breathing Spiders Starring The Cast Of ‘Police Academy’

By | 11 Comments

In addition to fire-breathing spiders attacking L.A., SyFy's 'Lavalantula' will star three cast members from the original 'Police Academy.'


Confirmed: Bryan Singer Will Direct ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

By | 17 Comments

After some uncertainty, 20th Century Fox finally signed Bryan Singer as the director for 'X-Men: Apocalypse.'


What Might The World Be Like Had ‘Friends’ Not Debuted 20 Years Ago Today?

By | 35 Comments

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the debut of 'Friends,' we wonder what the careers of the show's stars would have been like without it.


‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap: Nattie Is A Monster That Must Be Stopped

By | 29 Comments

On this week's episode of 'Total Divas,' Nattie really turned up the awfulness to become the worst thing about this show.


The Cast Of ‘D2: The Mighty Ducks’ Reunited For The Film’s 20th Anniversary

By | 19 Comments

While there were some big names missing, most of the cast members from 'D2: The Mighty Ducks' got together to make a new Flying V.

The Cosby Show

A Very Important Celebration Of Bill Cosby’s Greatest Sweaters From ‘The Cosby Show’

By | 6 Comments

NBC's classic sitcom 'The Cosby Show' turns 30 tomorrow, so let's honor it with a little history behind the greatest Cosby sweaters.


Tim Duncan Is Joining The Marvel Universe On An Upcoming Cover Of ‘The Punisher’

By | 6 Comments

NBA star Tim Duncan is combining his love of comic books and cars by having his garage design and actually build the Punisher's new ride.


Watch Johnny Depp And Ryan Adams Cover Danzig’s ‘Mother’ In London

By | 9 Comments

At Ryan Adams's show in London last night, Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance to jam out on Danzig's 'Mother.'

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