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#Happy Endings

Casey Wilson Confirms Our Worst Fears About That ‘Happy Endings’ Countdown

By | 15 Comments

Casey Wilson thinks the 'It's Almost a New Day' countdown on the 'Happy Endings' Twitter account is just a mean joke.


Comedy Central Is Cutting Paul Walker Jokes From The Justin Bieber Roast

By | 56 Comments

The Justin Bieber roast will be a few jokes lighter when it airs on March 30, as the network decided Paul Walker jokes were in poor taste.


‘Final Jeopardy’ Was Very Lonely For This Contestant

By | 33 Comments

It took really bad performances from two 'Jeopardy!' contestants to make tonight's Final Jeopardy a one-woman show.

neighbors with benefits

Surprise! People Aren’t Thrilled About A&E’s Swinger Series ‘Neighbors With Benefits’

By | 12 Comments

Outrage is brewing over A&E's upcoming swinger reality series 'Neighbors with Benefits.'

#The Simpsons

Who Needs ‘The Simpsons’ Lego Kwik-E-Mart? You Do.

By | 6 Comments

Lego announced the second installment of its already awesome 'Simpsons' toys with a very detailed Kwik-E-Mart set.


Your Favorite Aged Bourbons May Soon Be The Product Of Magic (And Science)

By | 19 Comments

If your favorite bourbon tastes a little different, it might be because it was aged 20 years in a matter of months.

2015 emmys

Andy Samberg Will Host The 67th Annual Emmy Awards


'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' star Andy Samberg will carry the burden of trying to make this year's Emmy Awards a fun and exciting occasion.


Sarah McLachlan Explains How She Became The Star Of That Super Depressing ASPCA Commercial

By | 9 Comments

The 'Angel' singer says that the decision to sit down and record a PSA was a simple process that just so happened to raise $30 million.

#Kanye West

Harvey Weinstein Thinks That Kanye West Will Make A Great Filmmaker

By | 14 Comments

There's buzz around Kanye West in Hollywood, as Harvey Weinstein and Dame Dash think he has what it takes to be an actor and director.

Two And A Half Men

Charlie Sheen Predictably Takes The Crazy Road Over Chuck Lorre’s ‘Two And A Half Men’ Finale

By | 10 Comments

When asked about Chuck Lorre's 'Two and a Half Men' finale, Charlie Sheen had some predictably colorful words.


Actor Windell Middlebrooks Has Passed Away At Age 36

By | 4 Comments

Known for his roles on 'Body of Proof' and 'Scrubs,' as well as Miller High Life ads, actor Windell Middlebrooks has passed away.


Tim Burton Will Direct A Presumably Creepy Live Action ‘Dumbo’ For Disney

By | 27 Comments

'Alice in Wonderland' director Tim Burton is teaming up with Disney again to bring a live action 'Dumbo' to the big screen.

die hard

A Newspaper Reader Wrote A Letter To The Editor To Correct A Bad ‘Die Hard’ Reference

By | 17 Comments

A newspaper reader wrote a letter to the editor to correct a columnist's questionable reference to the 'Die Hard' film franchise.

hillary clinton

The Hillary Clinton Action Figure Is An ‘Antidote’ To The Wrong Message Of Traditional Dolls

By | 7 Comments

A husband and wife design duo from Brooklyn are trying to turn Hillary Clinton into an action figure ahead of her presidential campaign.


‘Total Divas’ Recap: Two Episodes For The Price Of One Awful Season Finale

By | 15 Comments

In the back-to-back season finale of 'Total Divas,' the Bella Twins had to decide if they wanted to sign their new contracts or not.


John Travolta Mocks Facial Hair And Boston Accents In ‘The Forger’ Trailer

By | 26 Comments

He may be playing the world's best art forger, but John Travolta couldn't copy a good Boston accent for this trailer.


An 11-Year Old Boy Was Excluded From ‘World Book Day’ Because He Was Dressed As Christian Grey

By | 21 Comments

An 11-year old boy was excluded from his school's World Book Day festivities because of his 'Fifty Shades of Grey' costume.


We’ve Probably Seen The Last Of Neil Patrick Harris As An Oscars Host

By | 8 Comments

Even if he's asked to host the Oscars again, it doesn't seem like Neil Patrick Harris wants to deal with the criticism and stress.


Trevor Moore Of ‘The Whitest Kids U’Know’ Knows Way Too Much About Circumcisions

By | 4 Comments

Since The Whitest Kids U’Know series ended in 2011, Trevor Moore has mostly been touring the country and playing his wonderful brand of comedy music.


Harrison Ford Reportedly Crashed His Small Plane At A Los Angeles Golf Course

By | 48 Comments

Actor Harrison Ford was reportedly 'critically injured' in a small plane crash in Los Angeles this afternoon.

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