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Brad Pitt

The Best And Worst Celebrity Fan Of Each NFL Team


Who is your team's best and worst celebrity fan?


Was Johnny Manziel Rolling Bills In A Vegas Bathroom? Let The Speculation Wheel Spin!


Johnny Manziel was back in that den of iniquity Las Vegas over the extended holiday weekend. But what’s this?


The U.S. Patent And Trademark Office Has Cancelled Six Redskins Trademarks


Read the ruling by the Patent and Trademark Office that the name is offensive.


Here’s Your 2014 NFL Draft Live Blog


It's finally time for the NFL Draft. Are you ready? Let's do this!


Drew Brees Is Bringing Movie Cosplay To A Biblical Level


Drew Brees and his wife got to check out a screening of Noah the other night, and because they’re just the most wholesome and squeaky clean couple in the NFL, they decided to dress up for it.


Dan Snyder Bought Some Coats And A Backhoe So You Can’t Object To The Redskins Name Anymore


The Redskins owner is doubling down by establishing a foundation in honor of doing nice things for Native Americans.


The NFL Reportedly Wants $16 Million From M.I.A. For Super Bowl Halftime Middle Finger


Two years ago, M.I.A. took part in the Super Bowl halftime show headlined by Madonna and introduced herself to a wider audience by flipping off the cameras. The NFL is still pissed about that.

Report: Richie Incognito Bullied His Own Car


Somebody bashed Richie Incognito’s Ferrari with a baseball bat. The main suspect is...wait for it...Richie Incognito!


TMZ Claims It Has Video Of Ray Rice Dragging His Unconscious Fiancee After Alleged Attack


TMZ has released footage of what they claim is Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee out of an elevator in an Atlantic City casino last weekend after he allegedly knocked her out.


Richie Incognito Is Really Sorry Now, You Guys


Just last week, Richie Incognito went on an indignant Twitter rant against Jonathan Martin. But then the Wells report came out, and suddenly Incognito has had a change of heart.


NFL Investigation: Richie Incognito Was A Bullying Dick But Not The Only One In The Dolphins Locker Room


After months of waiting, the Wells report is out on what happened in the Dolphins clubhouse that led to Jonathan Martin departing the team in late October.


Richie Incognito Goes On Twitter Rant, Informs The World Jonathan Martin Considered Suicide


Richie Incognito took to Twitter on Wednesday to make a bunch of defiant statements blasting his former teammate, Jonathan Martin.

coming out

NFL Prospect Michael Sam Comes Out As Gay Before The Combine


Michael Sam, an all-American defensive end from Missouri expected to be selected late in the NFL Draft, came out as gay to the public on Sunday.

No, The Simpsons Did Not Predict The Super Bowl Nine Years Ago


The Simpsons has done many great things, but it didn't pick this year's Super Bowl nine years ago.

Bad Lip Reading: Super Bowl Edition


The fun cats over at Bad Lip Reading has given us another gem for the end of the NFL season.

letters of note

Here Is A Nice Thing: Hearing-Impaired Little Girl Writes To Derrick Coleman


With two weeks of seemingly endless Super Bowl hype mostly focusing on the dumb things, it's good to celebrate just one nice thing.


Ice Cube Went Soft, Now In Video Form

By | 6 Comments

The "Ice Cube went hella soft through movies, you mark-ass trick" meme has been around for some time now.

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