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TGI Fridays Deploys Mistletoe Drones To Make The Holidays Awkward

By | 7 Comments

Office awkwardness takes to the skies thanks to TGI Fridays. No, guys, you shouldn't have. No, seriously, why did do this?


A Shaky-Cam Expert Is Making Yet Another Movie Of ‘1984’

By | 3 Comments

No, not Michael Bay, as hilarious as 'Michael Bay's 1984' would be.

Far Cry 4

Explore Kyrat In ‘Far Cry 4′

Promoted by Far Cry 4

Kyrat is a dangerous place, as this trailer for 'Far Cry 4' proves.

#Game of Thrones

‘Game Of Thrones’ Video Game Debuts Its First Trailer

By | 8 Comments

Telltale's take on 'Game Of Thrones' has just debuted its first trailer.

#Video Games

Sony Is Going To Be Making A Lot Of Movies Based On Video Games

By | 13 Comments

Sony is getting into the video game movie business in a big, big way.

Prometheus 2

‘Prometheus 2′ Will Feature A Whole New Type Of Alien

By | 19 Comments

'Prometheus 2' is apparently going to try and top the Xenomorph... while being totally different from it.


‘Gotham’ Will Feature A ‘Prenatal Robin,’ But No Harley Quinn

By | 9 Comments

We'll be meeting Robin, or at least his parents, on 'Gotham,' but don't expect any overly limber psychiatrists just yet.


Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘Arrow’ Fights Cupid

By | 365 Comments

Arrow meets his creepy stalker, which we're liveblogging at 8pm EST, plus a look at tonight's geeky TV elsewhere on the dial.


‘Daredevil,’ ‘Predator,’ ‘Bob’s Burgers,’ And Other Comics Of Note, November 19th

By | 9 Comments

'Bob's Burgers' is back in comics, in our look at this week's notable comic books.

#Guardians Of The Galaxy

Yo Soy Groot! Here’s Vin Diesel Saying ‘I Am Groot’ In Fifteen Different Languages.

By | 3 Comments

Yo soy Groot! Here's how to say the catchphrase of summer in fifteen different ways.

Far Cry 4

‘Far Cry 4′ Pirates Accidentally Out Themselves On Twitter

By | 7 Comments

People who stole 'Far Cry 4' have been whining to Ubisoft about a missing feature. Guess how Ubisoft feels about it?


Fox Wants A Star For Jean Grey In ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’ Cyclops? Meh, Whoever.

By | 36 Comments

Fox couldn't care less who plays Cyclops in 'X-Men: Apocalypse,' but Jean Grey appears to be a big deal for the studio.


This ‘Project Almanac’ Trailer Combines Time Travel And Found Footage

By | 6 Comments

'Project Almanac' speculates what would happen if you gave a bunch of horny dumb teens a time machine. Nothing good, it turns out!

The Flash

Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘The Flash’ Outs Himself

By | 228 Comments

The Flash meets a Colossus knock-off, which we're liveblogging, plus a look at tonight's geeky TV.


Yippie-Ki-Yay, Here’s The Best Cop Movie One-Liners In A Supercut

Promoted by 22 Jump Street

Cop movies are defined by their one-liners. And these are by far the best one-liners.

#Star Wars

A Dedicated ‘Star Wars’ Fan Built This Millennium Falcon Entirely Out Of Cardboard

By | 4 Comments

This Millennium Falcon may look like a professional prop, but it's actually built entirely from cardboard.


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: Five Tips For Better Audio And Video

Promoted by Miller Lite

Need to see and hear the game better on the cheap? We've got the hacks you need.


A Brief History Of Turning The Hoverboard Into A Reality


Thirty years of experiments and ideas are making the hoverboard real...but it took some serious physics to make it happen.


‘Westworld’ Is Coming To HBO Next Year

By | 4 Comments

'Westworld' is being adapted from a movie about amok robots to an HBO series about AI ethics. With amok robots.


‘The Running Man 2′ Is A Movie Somebody Is Trying To Make

By | 11 Comments

Apparently there is no Arnold Schwarzenegger movie safe from sequels. And Arnold is up for it, apparently.

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