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Yahoo! Wants To Start Developing TV Shows Of Its Own


Yahoo! is making its own TV shows because, uh, other companies are doing it.


GammaSquad Explains: Why Amazon Buying Comixology Is Such A Big Deal

By | 17 Comments

Amazon now owns Comixology... but what does that mean for comics in general?

sid meier

‘Civilization: Beyond Earth’ Goes… Well, You Know

By | 8 Comments

'Civilization: Beyond Earth' finally sends Sid Meier back into space.


Exclusive: The Cover Of ‘Batman Eternal’ #13 Shows Things Aren’t Going Well For Jim Gordon

By | 4 Comments

Jim Gordon is not doing so well in our exclusive reveal of the cover to 'Batman Eternal' #13!


‘Hannibal’ Recap: The Chesapeake Ripper Captured

By | 38 Comments

'Hannibal' toys with thriller tropes in this darkly funny episode.


Watch The First Full Episode Of Hulu’s Hilarious New Ghost Comedy ‘Deadbeat’

Promoted by Deadbeat

'Deadbeat' is a surprising hit, and you can see the first episode right here.


Will There Be A Superhero Movie Crash?

By | 5 Comments

Are superhero movies headed for a crash? Not really, but changing economics might do them in.

internet b.s.

Sorry, France Didn’t Ban Work Emails After 6PM


The French didn't ban work emails after six. The

arcade games

The 8-Bit Miata Only Starts When You Feed It A Quarter


The 8-Bit Miata now only starts if you've got a quarter handy.


Batwoman Fights Off Arkham In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Batwoman’ #30


The Wolf Spider unleashes Arkham on Batwoman in our exclusive preview of 'Batwoman' #30

Warner Bros.

Wally Pfister Is Not Happy With The Marketing Of ‘Transcendence’

By | 7 Comments

Wally Pfister's first movie, 'Transcendence', has seen some... "streamlining" in its trailers.

good ideas

Square Enix’s Next ‘Hitman’ Game Is… ‘Hitman Go?’

By | 5 Comments

Hitman Go sounds like a bad anime, but it's actually Hitman conceived as a board game.


‘Coffee Flour’ Is A Thing That Exists Now


'Coffee flour' is likely to become the next annoying nutritional fad. Don't say we didn't warn you.


Should You Buy A Chromebook?

By | 3 Comments

With the death of Windows XP, Google is pushing the Chromebook pretty hard.

japan is weird

Sega Will Produce An Anime Starring Its Consoles

By | 3 Comments

Honestly, it's kind of amazing Sega is still in business, at this point.

serious issues

‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ Might Actually Be A Game We Seriously Discuss

By | 5 Comments

'Wolfenstein: The New Order' might actually discuss the reasons it's OK to shoot Nazis.


Comics Of Note, April 9th

By | 17 Comments

It's a light week in comics, but we've got a lot of number ones to read. Plus looks at the other major books on the stands.


Science Has Found The Best Way To Become A Human Lie Detector

By | 4 Comments

We all claim to be human lie detectors... but here's how to actually pull it off.


What Is The Heartbleed Bug? Allow Us To Explain It For You.

By | 4 Comments

Heartbleed is a new bug on the Internet, but what's going on, and what can you do? Here's an explanation.


‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!’ Is Official And Coming This Year

By | 7 Comments

Yes, there's more 'Borderlands' on the way, and this time it's going to the moon!

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