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#Mad Men

An Important Discussion About The ‘Mad Men’ Series Finale

By | 48 Comments

It's all coming to an end and we should probably talk about it.

#True Detective

Rachel McAdams Shows Off Some Sick Knife Tricks In The Latest Trailer For ‘True Detective’

By | 21 Comments

The new trailer for 'True Detective' features Rachel McAdams doing badass knife things.

#Breaking Bad

We Finally Know What Happened To Huell After The ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale

By | 10 Comments

Did Huell ever make it out of that hotel room? Now we know. Now. we. know.


Matthew Weiner On The ‘Mad Men’ Finale: ‘I Don’t Really Feel Like I Owe Anybody Anything’

By | 9 Comments

Matthew Weiner discusses the "Mad Men" series finale, and continue to give great quote.


50 Questions About The New McDonald’s Hamburglar

By | 15 Comments

McDonald's has a new ad campaign about a real-life Hamburglar. We have a few questions.


Fox Executives Say Another New Season Of ’24’ Is In Development

By | 5 Comments

Jack might be back again, according to Fox executives.

#Mad Men

A Loving Tribute To ‘Mad Men’ And Its Hilariously Vague Episode Summaries

By | 13 Comments

"Mad Men" remains the greatest at providing completely useless episode summaries.


The ‘More Adult’ Muppets Revival Series Is Officially A Go At ABC

By | 14 Comments

The series will explore the Muppets’ personal lives and relationships, both at home and at work, as well as romances, break-ups, achievements, disappointments, wants and desires." O... kay?


Things Get Shoot-y And Mindbend-y In The First Trailer For The Wachowski’s New Netflix Series ‘Sense8′

By | 9 Comments

Netflix's new series "Sense8" sure looks pretty. Now we just need to worry about the other stuff.

pig mayor

A Pig Named Giggles Is Running For Mayor And Her Opponent Threatened To Eat Her

By | 6 Comments

A pig named Giggles is running for mayor in Flint, Michigan and his opponent just threatened to eat him.


What The Hell Is Going On In The State Farm Cliff Paul Commercials?

By | 18 Comments

The Cliff Paul State Farm commercials have gotten incredible weird and disturbing.

john wick 2

Keanu Reeves Is Officially Back For ‘John Wick 2′

By | 41 Comments

Look out pet murderers, Keanu Reeves is back for the sequel to 'John Wick.'

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