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George R.R. Martin On A Potential ‘Game Of Thrones’ Movie: ‘Sure, I Love The Idea. Why Not?’

By | 12 Comments

George R.R. Martin might be down with the idea of a "Game of Thrones" movie, after all.

#Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel On The Lack Of Women In Late Night: ‘Networks Are Stupid’

By | 8 Comments

One of late night's many Jimmys speaks out on the lack of women hosts.


Wait, Where Have We Seen That Hula Hooping Girl From The ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Credits Before?

By | 8 Comments

Do "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and 'The Americans" exist in the same universe? The hula hooping girl in their credits might be a clue.


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘The Past And The Future Are A Fight To The Death’

By | 74 Comments

We got GHOSTS and BIG PILES OF MONEY and DYNAMITE. "Justified" continues to have everything.


‘Better Call Saul’ Discussion: ‘You Know What A Cop Fears Most?’

By | 44 Comments

Last night's excellent "Better Call Saul" finally gave us some insight into Mike's incredibly sad backstory.

#Game of Thrones

The Mountain From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Breaking All Of The Strongman World Records

By | 12 Comments

The Mountain from "Game of Thrones" broke yet another strongman record this weekend. Watch it here.

the jinx

Police Have Re-Opened One Of The Murder Cases From ‘The Jinx’ Thanks To Evidence From The Show

By | 7 Comments

Turns out HBO's docu-series might be more than audience titillation after all.

Last Man on Earth

About That Surprising Twist Ending From Last Night’s ‘Last Man On Earth’

By | 32 Comments

Last night's "Last Man on Earth" ended with a surprise twist ending and a surprise guest appearance.


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘You Calling Me A Murderer Or You Calling Me A Rat?’

By | 51 Comments

A recap of the "Justified" episode "The Hunt," featuring babies and murder and bourbon.


‘Better Call Saul’ Discussion: ‘Hey, Buddy. You’re The One With The Sex Toilet.’

By | 37 Comments

A recap of the "Better Call Saul" episode "Alpine Shepherd Boy," which featured fake money, sex toilets, and potential problems for Mike.

#Amy Poehler

Remembering Amy Poehler As Andy’s Rage-Filled Little Sister From The Early Years Of ‘Conan’

By | 8 Comments

Before she was Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler was Andy Richter's love-struck little sister Stacy on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien."


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘They Know Killing, But They Don’t Know Crime’

By | 64 Comments

A surprisingly sad death, a proposal, and everything going to hell for everyone. The final season of "Justified" is shaping up nicely.

#Parks And Recreation

Remembering ‘Parks And Recreation': The UPROXX Staff’s Favorite Moments

By | 101 Comments

One last time before the finale, let's all remember our favorite moments from "Parks and Recreation."

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