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Important: Sofia Vergara Was At A PWG Show Taking Selfies All Night

By | 17 Comments

Up next, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello challenge The Young Bucks for the PWG Tag Team Championships.


The 7 Greatest YouTube Videos Proving That Wrestling Is Fake

By | 41 Comments

If you don't know wrestling is fake then your mind is about to get BLOWN.


Brock Lesnar Begged Not To Break The Undertaker’s Streak At WrestleMania XXX

By | 65 Comments

The one behind the one in 21 and one didn't want to be the one behind the one.

Bret Hart

Bret Hart Blames Samoa Joe’s ‘Reckless’ Finisher For Breaking Tyson Kidd’s Neck

By | 36 Comments

It's not a Bret Hart interview unless he's blaming someone for something.


CM Punk Shouted Out The ‘Only’ Two WWE Stars Who Would Put Over Young Talent

By | 59 Comments

CM Punk has a nice thing to say wrapped in a mean thing to say.


Kevin Owens Is A Perfect WWE Bad Guy Because Dads Are A-holes

By | 58 Comments

Kevin Owens is relatable to all dads who, deep down, are jerks.


Racist Wrestling Gimmick Of The Week: The Life And Times Of Charles Wright Pt. 2

By | 25 Comments

The Supreme Fighting Machine becomes the supreme pimping machine in part 2 of our look at racist wrestling gimmick icon Charles Wright.


Kurt Angle Originally Chose WWE Over WCW Because Ric Flair Told Him To

By | 15 Comments

We can thank Ric Flair for Kurt Angle almost dying in the WWE

Floyd Mayweather

Michelle Beadle Isn’t A WWE Fan Anymore Because Triple H Supports Floyd Mayweather

By | 96 Comments

Triple H's friendship with Mayweather is bringing the wrong kind of attention to the WWE


The Definitive Ranking Of Brock Lesnar’s Post-UFC Wrestling Matches

By | 50 Comments

Brock Lesnar has had 11 matches in the WWE since finishing his MMA run. Here are the best ones, ranked.


Happy Belated 4/20: How The Hacksaw Jim Duggan And Iron Sheik Marijuana Arrest In 1987 Changed Wrestling

By | 9 Comments

Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Iron Shieks fun time party changed wrestling forever.


WWE May Be Restricting Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp Finisher Due To Head Injury Scares

By | 46 Comments

Is WWE planning to take away Seth Rollins' curb stomp due to head injury concerns?

#Pro Wrestling

The Grizzlies And Blazers Mascots Had A Ladder Match During Their NBA Playoff Game

By | 5 Comments

The Memphis Grizzlies and Portland Trailblazers mascots have a ladder match.


Tell Me A Lie: 7 Hulk Hogan Stories That Nobody Actually Believes

By | 48 Comments

Say your prayers, eat your vitamins and only tell half-truths.

ted cruz

Bret Hart Wants You To Know That He Has Nothing To Do With Ted Cruz

By | 31 Comments

The Ted Cruz/Bret Hart 2016 card doesn't appear to be happening. Sorry, guys.

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