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#The Walking Dead

The Back Half Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Five Will Feature A ‘Huge Change’

By | 38 Comments

What does this new information mean? And what's going on with Rick's beard?


The Straight-Up Silliest Golden Globe Nominations Of All Time

By | 47 Comments

A look back at the 20 most ridiculous Golden Globes nominations.


What’s Going On? Why Would ‘SNL’ Cut This Brilliantly Spot-On VH1 Parody Sketch?

By | 22 Comments

The parody counts down the 100 Greatest Guys, from your classic nice guy to a guy's guy to an owner of two nice winter coats

#Sons Of Anarchy

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Finale Recap: The Crow Flies Full Circle

By | 433 Comments

Wrapping up seven seasons of 'Sons of Anarchy' with one Final Ride.


The Two Most Popular Shows On Netflix Are Not What You Think They Are

By | 57 Comments

The two most popular shows on Netflix are not 'Orange is the New Black' and 'House of Cards.' In fact, they aren't even Netflix originals.


Kurt Sutter’s Greatest Hits Of Angry, Obscene, And Downright Hilarious Tweets

By | 23 Comments

Kurt Sutter is the most entertaining -- and profane -- television writer in Hollywood.

#Sons Of Anarchy

The Funniest Moments From ‘Sons Of Anarchy’s Seven Tragedy-Filled Seasons

By | 15 Comments

Before 'Sons of Anarchy' was a bleak tragedy, it had a very dark and funny sense of humor.


Jon Lovitz Explains The Real Reason Nora Dunn Refused To Appear On The Andrew Dice Clay Episode Of ‘SNL’

By | 21 Comments

Jon Lovitz, who was not a fan of Nora Dunn, explains why she REALLY protested the Andrew Dice Clay episode of SNL.


Why Did ‘SNL’ Cut This Hilariously Uncomfortable Sketch About Ferguson?

By | 21 Comments

A morning news crew in St. Louis has to stick to their peppy script even as the city crumbles around them.

#Sons Of Anarchy

How Gemma Teller Is Actually The Walter White Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

By | 28 Comments

One of TV's best all-time villains has more in common with Walter White from 'Breaking Bad' than you might think.

#The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Pilot Nearly Introduced A Concept That Would’ve Changed The Entire Series

By | 57 Comments

Frank Darabont's original pilot script had a simple idea that could've spiraled into a completely different series.

#Sons Of Anarchy

The Best Twitter Responses To Last Night’s Shocking ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Episode

By | 9 Comments

A rundown of the most amusing reactions to the penultimate episode of 'Sons of Anarchy.'

#Sons Of Anarchy

These Twisted ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Moments Prove Kurt Sutter Is TV’s Most Depraved Showrunner

By | 34 Comments

All the evidence you need to know that Kurt Sutter is the sickest showrunner in television.

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