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The Kid Who Played Harrison On ‘Dexter’ Is Now Way Into Crossfit

By | 18 Comments

Jadon Wells, the kid who played Harrison on 'Dexter,' will soon be able to kick your ass.

#The Walking Dead

The Threat On ‘The Walking Dead’ Should Be Ending Soon, According To Science

By | 67 Comments

The rapid decay of corpses should nullify their threat within the next year and a half.

#The Walking Dead

The Easter Egg Hidden In The Last 5 Episode Titles Of This Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 44 Comments

The episode titles in season 5 all callback to a Dale Horvath speech in season one.


Kiss Your Nerves Goodbye: Here Are The Scariest Movies On Netflix

By | 25 Comments

There are plenty of good scary movies on Netflix. Here are the films you should stream first.

#The Walking Dead

Satan Disguised As The Angel Of Light: 5 Questions We Have After This Week’s Brutal ‘Walking Dead’

By | 172 Comments

Open questions we have after last night's brutal, bloody, and deadly episode of 'The Walking Dead.'


Watch Robert Downey, Jr. Deliver A Bionic Arm To A Special 7-Year-Old Boy

By | 10 Comments

The bionic arm created with a 3D printer was built and donated by Albert Manero.

#The Walking Dead

Your New ‘Walking Dead’ Crush, Alexandra Breckenridge, Has An Amazing Instagram Account

By | 13 Comments

Alexandra Breckenridge's Instagram account shows her to be hilarious, goofy, smart, and incredibly sexy.

#Mad Men

The Cast And Crew Of ‘Mad Men’ Revealed Lots Of Behind-The-Scenes Info In A New Oral History

By | 8 Comments

Plus, Jon Hamm's biggest competitor for the role of Don Draper, and the cuts AMC tried to demand ahead of the fourth season.


All The Details You Might Have Missed From This Week’s Phenomenal Episode Of ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 36 Comments

All the incredibly cool details you might have missed from the latest episode of 'Better Call Saul,' 'Five-O'

#The Walking Dead

Kim Dickens Hints That We’ll See ‘Sexy Zombies’ In ‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-Off

By | 3 Comments

The Los Angeles setting will allow for a different brand of walker in 'The Walking Dead' spin-off.

#The Walking Dead

Michonne Fans Are Absolutely Furious About Rick’s New Love Interest On ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 61 Comments

Richonne fans lost their damn minds when Rick kissed Jessie on 'The Walking Dead' this week.

#The Walking Dead

Here’s Everything We Know So Far About The ‘Walking Dead’ Spinoff

By | 31 Comments

From the characters to the setting to when it will premiere, here's everything we know about 'The Walking Dead' spin-off, so far.

#The Walking Dead

The ‘Walking Dead’ Prequel Just Got A Huge Vote Of Confidence From AMC

By | 15 Comments

AMC clearly has a lot of faith in its 'The Walking Dead' companion series.


‘Better Call Saul’ Will Return To Omaha. Is That Where We’ll Find Jesse Pinkman?

By | 19 Comments

Vince Gilligan reiterated he was open to Aaron Paul appearing in 'Better Call Saul,' and said the series would return to Omaha.

#The Americans

What You’re Missing If You’re Not Watching FX’s ‘The Americans’

By | 36 Comments

Why 'The Americans' is thematically richest, best character-driven drama on television.

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