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Victoria Jackson Will Not Be Attending ‘SNL 40,’ But It’s Not Because She Was Fired

By | 26 Comments

Victoria Jackson would also like to thank Lorne Michaels for all the opportunities he gave her.

#The Walking Dead

Did Robert Kirkman Spoil A Major ‘The Walking Dead’ Death On A Comedy Show?

By | 45 Comments

Did Kirkman honestly just reveal how a major character will die? Or is he psyching us out?

#The Americans

Last Night’s ‘The Americans’ Made ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Look Like A Disney Film

By | 21 Comments

'The Americans' turned a tooth extraction scene into a passionate sex scene.

#Jon Stewart

Guess Who Was The Last Person Besides Letterman, Colbert, Or Stewart To Win A Late-Night Emmy

By | 4 Comments

It's been 17 years since someone besides Letterman, Colbert, or Stewart won an Emmy for Outstanding Variety series.

#Jon Stewart

A Timeline Of Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Years, From Nearly Quitting Until Announcing His Retirement

By | 9 Comments

Let's take a look back on Jon Stewart's tenure as Host of 'The Daily Show': 1999-2015.

#The Walking Dead

All The Incredibly Cool Details You May Have Missed In This Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 228 Comments

All the Easter Eggs and other cool little details that Greg Nicotero sprinkled throughout 'What Happened and What’s Going On.'


All The Times You May Have Seen The Smollett Siblings (Jurnee And Jussie) And Didn’t Know It

By | 8 Comments

The 'Friday Night Lights' Star and the new star of 'Empire' have actually been acting over over 20 years.

brian williams

The Single Most Important Reason NBC Shouldn’t Fire Brian Williams

By | 43 Comments

What are the alternatives to Williams as anchor of 'NBC Nightly News'?


Brooks Wheelan Basically Brags About Being Fired From ‘SNL’ On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

By | 4 Comments

Plus, Wheelan settles an old wager with Seth Meyers and shows off the rip in his 'TV pants.'


Rainn Wilson Says Comparing ‘Backstrom’ To ‘House M.D.’ Is ‘Total Bullsh*t’

By | 11 Comments

Wilson also notes in his Reddit AMA that, like his character from 'The Office,' he also owns a zonkey.


Sean Hayes Showed The World Exactly How A Late Night Talk Show Should Open

By | 4 Comments

Every late night show should open with a huge, elaborate dance number.

#Robin Williams

Watch The Late, Great Robin Williams Brilliantly Troll A Director In This Incredible Rare Footage

By | 7 Comments

Robin Williams riffs and improvises for an incredible, manic-fueled 13 minutes of brilliance.

#The Walking Dead

The First Two Minutes Of The ‘Walking Dead’ Midseason Premiere Hint At The Show’s Next Destination

By | 7 Comments

Rick and the survivors grieve over a major loss and make a plan for their next destination.

#The Walking Dead

Cosplayers Recreated The Final Scene In The ‘Walking Dead’ Season Five Finale With Heartbreaking Detail

By | 6 Comments

These cosplayers brilliantly capture the grief in the final moments of 'The Walking Dead' midseason finale.

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