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Here’s Kirk Cameron Telling Us How To Talk To Gay People

By | 29 Comments

Everyone's favorite Kirk Cameron made a how-to video on how-to humiliate gay people!

the theory of everything

Big Smiles, Cute Tears: The Able-Bodied Actor’s Guide To Playing A Character With A Disability

By | 29 Comments

In Honor of 'A Theory of Everything,' pro-tips for able-bodied actors looking to score quick-fix noms.

suicide squad

Jared Leto And His Bun May Play The Next Joker

By | 25 Comments

Ryan Gosling didn't want to do it, so they went and got Jared Leto.


Daniel Radcliffe ‘Accidentally’ Drank Antifreeze On the Set of ‘Horns’

By | 7 Comments

The actor says he "mistakenly" drank poison while on set for the dumbest movie of the year. Suuuuure.


Tom Hanks Has Written A Collection Of Short Stories Inspired By Typewriters

By | 7 Comments

The collection will be based on 'loud machines that were thrown out for a reason.'


Americans Love To Name Their Kids Michael Myers, Donnie Darko, And Freddy Krueger, Says Whitepages

By | 7 Comments

A new study by Whitepages reveals that Americans name their flesh and blood after monsters who eat flesh and blood.


Ellen Page Is Too Lesbian For Catholic School, Apparently

By | 12 Comments

A too-gay movie is banned from filming at a secretly-gay high school.

kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart Says She’s Going To ‘Take Time Off’ To ‘Make A Bunch of Stuff’

By | 16 Comments

The actress has decided to take a hiatus from who-knows-what to make god-knows-what.


A Universal Studios Employee Has Been Sued For Allegedly Calling Thirteen-year-old Girls ‘Sluts and Whores’

By | 18 Comments

For the park's Halloween-themed show, two girls were offered up to the 'highest bidder' in the audience.

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