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About The Time Stanley Kubrick Stiffed Gene Kelly On His Song Rights For ‘A Clockwork Orange’

By | 25 Comments

Kubrick never paid Kelly for rights to 'Singin' in the Rain,' played in 'A Clockwork Orange'

Chinese movie industry

China Plans To Send Filmmakers ‘Down To The Countryside’ For Reeducation

By | 2 Comments

The government is sending artists down to rural China to study communist grains or something.


Here’s Kirk Cameron Telling Us How To Talk To Gay People

By | 29 Comments

Everyone's favorite Kirk Cameron made a how-to video on how-to humiliate gay people!

the theory of everything

Big Smiles, Cute Tears: The Able-Bodied Actor’s Guide To Playing A Character With A Disability

By | 29 Comments

In Honor of 'A Theory of Everything,' pro-tips for able-bodied actors looking to score quick-fix noms.

suicide squad

Jared Leto And His Bun May Play The Next Joker

By | 25 Comments

Ryan Gosling didn't want to do it, so they went and got Jared Leto.


Daniel Radcliffe ‘Accidentally’ Drank Antifreeze On the Set of ‘Horns’

By | 7 Comments

The actor says he "mistakenly" drank poison while on set for the dumbest movie of the year. Suuuuure.


Tom Hanks Has Written A Collection Of Short Stories Inspired By Typewriters

By | 7 Comments

The collection will be based on 'loud machines that were thrown out for a reason.'

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