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Michael Bay

Michael Bay Is Making The Most Michael Bay-Sounding TV Show Ever

By | 17 Comments

TNT is letting Michael Bay make the Michael Bay of TV shows.


What’s On Tonight: ‘You’re The Worst’ Ends Its Excellent First Season

By | 16 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including the season finale of FX's excellent "You're the Worst."


Gwar Found A New Lead Singer And She Has A Great Name

By | 7 Comments

Say hello to the newest member of the Gwar family: Vulvatron!


A Sleazy Married Man Grabbed A Waitress’ Butt, And It Only Got Worse From There

By | 33 Comments

"I've grabbed plenty of girl's asses in my life, but I've never grabbed hers."

Unlocking the Truth

Watch 8th Grade Metal Band, Unlocking The Truth, Make Their Late-Night TV Debut

By | 15 Comments

Most eighth graders are lazy, hormonal monsters. Not Unlocking the Truth.

#Jack White

Jack White Went After The Foo Fighters In A ‘Kanye West-Esque Rant’

By | 44 Comments

"Because apparently, nowadays, you aren't allowed to speak to your own fans about anything, lest it be a rant."


This Woman Made Her ‘Final Jeopardy’ Response A ‘Cheers’ Reference

By | 14 Comments

“Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?”


Are You Desperate Enough To Date This Ridiculous D-Bag On Tinder? (No.)

By | 11 Comments

Have some self-respect. Don't date d-bags who post their banking account to Tinder.


A Sex Expert Taught Conan How To Find A Woman’s O-Spot

By | 15 Comments

You've heard of the G-spot, but what about the O-spot?

#Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler’s First ‘SNL’ Sketch Made Fun Of Another NBC Show

By | 6 Comments

Amy Poehler made her debut appearance on "SNL" in 2001. Her first sketch was a surprising one.

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