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The ‘Decline Of Western Civilization’ Punk Rock Trilogy Is Finally Coming To DVD

By | 8 Comments

"The Decline of Western Civilization" and its two sequels are going to be released on DVD. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME.


Vin Diesel Believes ‘Furious 7′ Will ‘Probably Win Best Picture At The Oscars’

By | 12 Comments

I think Vin’s confusing Best Picture at the Oscars with Troops Choice for Entertainment of the Year at the Spike Guys’ Choice Awards again.


Get To Know Courtney Barnett, The Breakout Star Of SXSW 2015

By | 9 Comments

Courtney Barnett was everywhere during SXSW 2015. There's a reason why.


Spotify Re-Ranked Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs Of All-Time List

By | 11 Comments

If millennials ranked the greatest songs ever, here's what that playlist would sound like.


All The Ways The Fake Series On ‘Kroll Show’ Were Connected This Season

By | 6 Comments

Every fake-series on "Kroll Show" is connected. Here's how.

#Aubrey Plaza

This Guy Claims He Got Fired For Taking A Selfie With Aubrey Plaza’s Underwear

By | 10 Comments

Do not take any a picture with Aubrey Plaza's underwear. Or anyone's, really.


Tom Hanks Reenacted All His Movies With ‘Late Late Show’ Host James Corden

By | 8 Comments

Can Tom Hanks be on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" every night?

charlotte mckinney

Charlotte McKinney Replaced Katy Perry’s Sharks With Crabs On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

By | 4 Comments

Whatever happened to Katy Perry's sharks? Because Charlotte McKinney never got a chance to use them.

Charli XCX

Eric Of Tim & Eric Directed Charli XCX’s New Internet-Mocking Music Video


Not sure how Charli XCX's teenage fanbase is going to feel about her DARK music video for "Famous."


Johnny Cash’s Elvis, And 6 More Singers Impersonating Other Famous Singers

By | 6 Comments

Ariana Grande's Celine Dion is only the latest example of singer-impersonating-singer.

#Mad Men

Bryan Cranston Gave Jon Hamm Advice On Ending A Show

By | 2 Comments

Bryan Cranston knows a thing or two about ending a successful AMC series.

Spring Break

The Strange Story Of The Naked Female Spring Breaker Who Went ‘Missing’

By | 17 Comments

The cops went looking for a naked spring breaker who they thought was missing.

#SXSW 2015

Miley Cyrus Got ‘High As F*ck’ At SXSW

By | 15 Comments

Miley Cyrus and friends had some fun at SXSW last night.

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