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Here’s A Video Of Spiderman Flawlessly Hitting The Shmoney Dance

By | 5 Comments

So flawless it might have been Bobby Shmurda himself.


Lupe Fiasco Ft. Billy Blue – ‘Pu$$y’

By | 16 Comments

Someone out there might like this.


Soulja Boy: Drake Got That ‘Started From The Bottom’ Lyric From Me

By | 14 Comments

Drake's art is Soulja Boy's life. According to Soulja Boy.

Touch Down 2 Cause Hell

First Look: Lil Boosie’s ‘Touchdown 2 Cause Hell’ Album Cover

By | 2 Comments

Everything will soon be coming full circle for the prodigal son of all things ratchet and trill.


Run The Jewels – ‘Oh My Darling Don’t Cry’

By | 27 Comments

Hope you brought your headphones to work today.

#Justin Bieber

Khalil – A Long Story Short Mixtape

By | 8 Comments

Featuring Mike Dean, DJ Mustard, Blake Kelly, "Bizzle," Birdman and more.


EPISODE – ‘Hold On’ EP

By | 5 Comments

A smooth listen less than 15 minutes long.


Chris Brown Shares His Advice For Ray Rice

By | 17 Comments

Chris knows what it's like to be Public Enemy No. 1.


Thirty Years Ago Today, Michael Jordan Signed His First Contract With The Chicago Bulls

By | 15 Comments

Otherwise known as one of the great American business ventures of all-time.

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