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‘Better For F*cking': The Best Of Hannibal Buress’s AMA


Talking going on tour, what comedians gave him a break, and his favorite Iron and Wine song.

the o.c.

Not Fanfiction: Seth Cohen Married Blair Waldorf


Summer Roberts fans everywhere grieve.

#video games

Classic Video Games Reimagined As Romance Novels

By | 2 Comments

Pac-man as you've never seen him before. Probably.


Sir Patrick Stewart Went Beast Mode For The Seahawks

By | 4 Comments

Sir Patrick Stewart gets pretty pumped up over the Seahawks dominating the Superbowl.

#dave grohl

A Gallery Of Celebrities Who Are Having More Fun Than You At The Super Bowl

By | 2 Comments

Not only are these celebrities hanging out at the Super Bowl, they are documenting it for everyone to see.


Oh, By The Way Alison Brie Talked About The Chiropractor Who Touched Her Vagina On Kimmel Last Night

By | 11 Comments

Alison Brie reveals exactly where her chiropractor touched her and how you should be talking about Lego.


‘Rick And Morty’ Is Getting Really Good Ratings. No Seriously.

By | 29 Comments

Dan Harmon's 'Rick and Morty' gets six seasons and a movie level ratings. Hopefully.


Turns Out Jean Claude Van Damme Made Volvo A Ton Of Money Doing The Splits

By | 4 Comments

Jean Claude Van Damme's popular ad for Volvo was more than just a viral hit.


34 Couples Will Get Married During Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ Grammy Performance Tonight


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Queen Latifah, and Madonna team up to get some people married at the Grammys.


The Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘House of Lies’

By | 22 Comments

The ten reasons you should just give in and start watching 'House of Lies.'


Check Out Brand New Photos From ‘House Of Cards’ Season Two

By | 2 Comments

Ahead of the February 14th premiere, Netflix releases new stills of 'House of Cards' season two.


Get Ready For ‘The Greatest Event In Television History’ By Taking A Look Back

By | 15 Comments

A look back at the first three installments of what has to be 'The Greatest Event in Television History.'

The Hateful Eight

After Script Leak, Has Quentin Tarantino Moved On To A Prison Film?


After his latest script was leaked, Quentin Tarantino looks for his next project, possibly based in a prison.


Don Draper Is Selling Lucky Strikes, And Not Just On ‘Mad Men’

By | 8 Comments

Don Draper wants you to smoke and drink, and no one is complaining.


Beyoncé Performed At Michelle Obama’s 50th B-day Bash And She Has The Behind-The-Scenes Pics To Prove It

By | 3 Comments

Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy visit the White House for First Lady Michelle Obama's 50th birthday party.

#james franco

Is James Franco Making A Documentary About ‘The Room’?

By | 7 Comments

James Franco posts to Instagram about his love of infamous terrible movie "The Room" and the possibility of a making-of documentary.

jerry seinfeld

Here’s Jay Leno Talking Comedy, Cars, And The Mob With Jerry Seinfeld

By | 7 Comments

Jay Leno opens up to Jerry Seinfeld about his career, performing for gangsters and never having coffee before in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


Check Out These Never Before Seen Photos Of The Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster

By | 12 Comments

Reddit user posts never before seen photos of the Challenger disaster in 1986 taken by his grandparents.


Watch: The Surprising Visual FX Reel From ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’


'Wolf of Wall Street' visual effects real shows stunning changes made to the film after production.

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