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#Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell Says SAE’s Racist Video Is ‘A Real Argument For Getting Rid’ Of All Fraternities

By | 28 Comments

Though the 'Old School' star himself was part of a fraternity while in college, he spoke out against SAE's disturbing video.


Record Labels Are Allegedly Telling Spotify To Cut Down On Its Free Streaming Services

By | 11 Comments

Record label executives say the free streaming model will not be able to sustain artists.


A Llama And Goat Were Randomly Seen Walking The Streets Of A Small New York Town

By | 3 Comments

Stephen Peterson was about to head home when he had an interesting encounter with two random farm animals.


‘Downton Abbey’ To Shutter Its Doors After Its Sixth Season

By | 7 Comments

With many of 'Downton Abbey's' cast contracts due to expire, the Crawleys and their help will soon say goodbye to the stately mansion.

michelle obama

Here’s Michelle Obama And Ellen DeGeneres Getting Their Groove On To ‘Uptown Funk’

By | 3 Comments

The First Lady and Ellen dished out major hip thrusts and disco moves all in the name of fitness.


Don’t Try Talking To Your Cat With A Cat Translator, Unless You Want Your Face Clawed Off


Owner attempts to communicate using a cat translator, cat responds with near violence.


This GoPro Clad Circus Performer Shows Us What It’s Like To Be A Human Cannonball


Footage shows Ringling Bros' Gemma Kirby being hurled 40 feet high and at nearly 60mph.

jail time

This Sanitation Worker Was Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail For Starting His Shift Too Early

By | 17 Comments

Kevin McGill violated an Atlanta law which prevents sanitation workers from waking people up too early.


Meet The Robots That Will Soon Be Teaching Your Kids How To Write


It's all part of a new "learning-by-teaching" project developed in Switzerland.


This Japanese Employee Documented His Insanely Long Work Week And We’re Surprised He’s Still Alive

By | 16 Comments

"Death by overwork" is a very real problem in Japan, so much so that the government wants to force its workers to take a vacation.

roof collapse

Heavy Snow Just Caused This Skating Rink’s Roof To Collapse

By | 3 Comments

It happened this morning in Canton, Massachusetts, an area that's likely seen more than 100 inches of snow this month alone.

#Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Allegedly Pulled A Sam Smith, Except On Herself

By | 13 Comments

Can you tell the difference between Swift's "Blank Space" and "Style"?

#Broad City

Watch Abbi Jacobson And Ilana Glazer Of ‘Broad City’ Play A Hilarious Game of ‘Would You Rather’

By | 8 Comments

Belly buttons or eyebrows? Mozzarella sticks for toes or fish sticks for fingers? The two ladies weigh in.


Check Out These Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies Learning How To Swim


Some bravely leap into the pool, others cautiously tip-toe. Either way, their excited and confused faces are priceless.

police dogs

Police Officers Gathered To Pay Their Last Respects To K-9 Unit ‘Judge’ Before He Was Put To Sleep

By | 7 Comments

Judge the Czech Shepherd served in a South Jersey K-9 Unit for seven years before retiring last year.

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