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Here’s Proof Hollywood Is Getting Better At Using Texting And The Internet In Movies


Admit it, those 'House of Cards' texting bubbles are pretty genius.

organ donation

A Teenager’s Organ Donation Was Rejected Because He Was Gay

By | 19 Comments

According to an old FDA policy instituted during the AIDS epidemic in the U.S.


There’s A Petition To Bring ‘Sharknado 3′ To Washington D.C. And It’s Pretty Great

By | 5 Comments

Petitioners have awesomely dubbed the film "Sharknado 3: Fin-Dependence Day."


These Korean Kids Tried Warheads Candy For The First Time And Their Reactions Are Priceless

By | 7 Comments

These children learn what Warheads are...and probably will never want to eat them again.


Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? Probably To Ruin Your Rush Hour Commute!


A chicken walked into a busy Portland street this week and it was no laughing matter.


Here’s A Video Of FedEx Not Giving Two Sh*ts About Your Stuff

By | 17 Comments

If it looks as though your iPad was thrown around like a football, it probably was.


2 Chainz Is The Only Cure For This Baby’s Sorrows


Watch as the rapper's rhymes stop this baby's sobbing.


This Skinny Gap Model Has Twitter In An Uproar

By | 67 Comments

A promotional photo from Gap sparks much Internet controversy.

viral video

Keyboard Cat Shows Patriotic Feline Flair On ‘God Save The Queen’


Our favorite musically inclined tabby returns with the British anthem.

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