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This Old Couple Celebrating Their 57th Anniversary Proves True Love Is No Myth


The two don't usually do anything big for their anniversary, but husband Jim Russell had other plans this time around.


Cameron Crowe’s Newest Film, ‘Aloha,’ Has Been Accused Of Being Too ‘Whitewashed’

By | 18 Comments

The Media Action Network for Asian Americans says the film's portrayal of Hawaiian culture and history is inaccurate.

lana del rey

Lana Del Rey Has More Sad Songs For You, New Album ‘Honeymoon’ Will Be Out In September

By | 3 Comments

The pop singer announced the exciting news during a recent concert in Washington.


Where Did The Once-Promising ‘The Voice’ Go So Wrong?

By | 29 Comments

Plus, we look back at how far the past seven winners have come since their crowning.


Here’s Metallica’s James Hetfield And His Daughter Delivering A Touching Cover Of Adele’s ‘Crazy For You’

By | 6 Comments

Father and daughter teamed up at the annual Acoustic-4-A-Cure benefit show for a special performance.

competitive eating

Watch This New Zealand Model Inhale A Two-Pound Burrito In Almost 90 Seconds

By | 9 Comments

Miss Earth New Zealand, Nela Zisser, makes her meal disappear in the blink of an eye.

3D printing

A Seriously Injured Turtle Just Got A New Lease On Life Thanks To A 3D-Printed Beak

By | 3 Comments

The turtle had been damaged by a boat propeller and was unable to eat on its own.


Ed Helms Took Some Jabs At Rolling Stone During His University Of Virginia Commencement Speech

By | 5 Comments

The comedian/actor criticized the magazine for the false rape story it published last year.


A New Ad Campaign Uses The DNA Of Litterbugs To Publicly Shame Them

By | 8 Comments

In Hong Kong, digital mugshots of litterbugs are plastered all over the city.


Did ‘SNL’ Steal Its ‘Draw Muhammad’ Sketch From A Canadian TV Show?

By | 18 Comments

CBC's 'This Hour is 22 Minutes' aired a nearly identical skit back in January.


Metallica’s Rare Set At Rock In Rio Featured All The Classics

By | 7 Comments

James Hetfield & co. closed out the first weekend of the Las Vegas festival with a bang.

mike huckabee

Mike Huckabee Once Preached Against Alcohol, Sex, and Monty Python

By | 9 Comments

An early sermon dating back to the late '70s has surfaced and sees the presidential hopeful lamenting society's pleasures.


Disneyland’s Pluto The Dog Allegedly Put A Kid In The Hospital

By | 5 Comments

A mother has accused the Disney character of manhandling her son during a recent visit.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Freaky Human-Like Bear Take In The Day With A Sunny Stroll

By | 12 Comments

Forget melting glaciers. The surest sign of the impending apocalypse: bears doing human things. Perhaps he'll catch a movie later on?


No, You’re Not Seeing Double, This Florida Cow Was Born With Two Faces

By | 8 Comments

Baby Annabel suffers from Polycephaly, a rare condition that's given her four eyes, two mouths, and two noses.


A Petty Thief In England Has Been Legally Banned From Using Any Vending Machines For The Next Five Years

By | 4 Comments

Russell Stansfield has a long history of crimes involving coin-operated machines.


An Obsessed Fan Tried To Propose To Kylie Jenner Using 20 Free Pizzas

By | 5 Comments

It's almost as creepy as the "Kyle Jenner Challenge" from last week.

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