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Destined For Failure: 8 Movies That Failed To Live Up To Their Oscar Hype

By | 34 Comments

Some films are built for awards season, but then stumble on their way out of the gate. Here are eight that fell short of the glory.

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Ethan Hawke Directed One Of The ’90s Biggest Music Videos In One Take, And Other Fun Facts About Him

By | 23 Comments

Did you know Ethan Hawke directed one of the most popular music videos of the '90s -- in just one take?

ryan adams

Everyone Should Know These 6 Ryan Adams Songs

By | 32 Comments

While there are many great Ryan Adams songs out there, here are six that everyone should know.

#Happy Endings

Do You Miss ‘Happy Endings’? Here Are Some Ah-mah-zing┬áPenny Hartz Moments To Get You By.

By | 18 Comments

Looking back at Casey Wilson's ah-mah-zing moments on Happy Endings for her 34th birthday.

#Arnold Schwarzenegger

Never Forget O.J. Simpson Almost Played ‘The Terminator’ & Other Facts About The Sci-Fi Classic

By | 6 Comments

The 30th anniversary of The Terminator is upon us. Get to know the original even better.

#Fascinating Facts

Which Galaxy The ‘District 9′ Aliens Are From And Other Fascinating Things You Might Not Know About The Film

By | 24 Comments

District 9 became an instant sci-fi classic five years ago today, and to celebrate here are 9 things you probably didn't know about the film.

music everyone should know

Everyone Should Know These Six Elliott Smith Songs

By | 20 Comments

While there are many great Elliott Smith songs out there, here are six that everyone should know.

unnecessary sequels

‘The Purge: Anarchy’ And Other Sequels You’ll Probably Forget Because They Don’t Feature The Original Cast

By | 37 Comments

Sequels in theory are made to expand and deepen the original film's story and characters. That's not the case here.

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