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50 Cent Stars in ‘Things Fall Apart’

By | 12 Comments

Rappers have made some of the worst movies in the history of American cinema.


Cuttino Mobley To Live Out Wildest Fantasy of Stoners Everywhere

By | 7 Comments

Bong Cat is totally stoked to be a resident of Rhode Island, brohans.


Tom Zbikowski Wants Chad Ochocinco at the Flag Pole after Gym Class

By | 6 Comments

It's pretty common knowledge that Baltimore Raven's safety Tom Zbikowski began his foray into the world of professional boxing around the time he was drafted out of Notre Dame.


‘Don’t Do Crack, Drink Chocolate Milk’

By | 5 Comments

Last week, Charlie Sheen took time away from his uphill fight to finally attain sobriety nonstop, drug-fueled hooker orgies to offer some words of wisdom to the members of the UCLA baseball team.


Big Baby Davis – A High Flyer, Indeed

By | 6 Comments

The Boston Celtics edged out the Miami Heat 85-82 in Boston, last night, in a very sloppy basketball game.

Reality TV

Reality Show Pilot for Cheerleading Playmate? Yes, Please


There are few things in the world I love more than college football and the accompanying hottie cheerleaders.


Jerry Sloan Rides off into the Sunset


Jerry Sloan resigned his position as head coach of the Utah Jazz after 23 seasons and 1,221 wins, Thursday.

#LeBron James

LeBron’s TV Show Sounds Awful

By | 11 Comments

The last seven months have been difficult for LeBron James.


Lax Lap Dancers Harden Shafts

By | 4 Comments

Forgive me for not being up to date with what's happening in Major League Lacrosse, I assure you, it's only because I don't care, and not because I'm lazy.


Joe Theismann Had a Freudian Slip

By | 15 Comments

Come, join me and george gorging yourself in my wonderous bounty.


Flop Floppy Flop Flop Flop

By | 10 Comments

The unranked Florida State seminoles defeated the top ranked Duke Blue Devils in Tallahassee last night, which is great, because I love it when bad things happen to teams that receive special treatment.


Bengals Fan to Sell Football Allegiance

By | 24 Comments

As the playoffs continue to separate the NFL's contenders from pretenders, fans of lesser franchises continue to pour over mock drafts and off-season strategies.


I Want to Play for Lance Guidry

By | 9 Comments

Nothing fires me up for another day of post writing like a good pump up speech, and few in recent history have been better than the speech Miami of Ohio head coach Lance Guidry gave his team last night.


Oregon Fan Wants to Wifey Up

By | 6 Comments

When Auburn and Oregon meet for the BCS National Championship game Monday night, there will be more on the line than just college football's ultimate prize.


The ABA Is Entertaining and Awful

By | 7 Comments

Considering that I had not the slightest idea the ABA still existed, this story came as a shock to me, and is certainly more interesting than hearing more Jim Harbaugh rumors.


Randy Edsall Hired by Maryland

By | 6 Comments

Now-former Connecticut football coach Randy Edsall was hired to coach at the University of Maryland, yesterday, which is odd, considering he turned down the opportunity to coach Syracuse, his alma mater, in 2009 and because his team was dominated by Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.


Power Rankings: Walsh’s Favorites


With Leather's power rankings are our way of giving back to the community, fulfilling a court-sentenced community service requirement for the staff's drunken debauchery.


Geno Auriemma: Back to the Kitchen

By | 3 Comments

The UConn women's record-setting 90 game consecutive win steak is over after losing to 8th ranked Stanford 71-59 last night.


Shaq Channels Nancy Kerrigan After Fine

By | 3 Comments

Shaquielle O'Neal was fined $35,000 for his comments on the poor officiating from the Celtics' 86-78 loss to Orlando on Christmas Day.

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