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Four-Second Soccer Goal

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Four seconds is not only the amount of time I would last in bed with that lovely goddess Larissa Riquelme in the picture above, but it is also how long it took an Italian soccer team to score against some other Italian soccer team I can't spell or pronounce.


Watch Chris Paul Land On His Head

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During Sunday's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets ran into Ramon Sessions, hitting his head and going down on the floor.


Mark Cuban And Charlie Sheen Joining Forces?

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It seems fitting that Mark Cuban, a famous guy who never shuts his mouth, would talk to Charlie Sheen, a man who is rapidly reaching that stage as the <a href="http://twitter.com/#!/charliesheen/status/44593285200756736">random-ass tweets</a> keep popping out of his Twitter account.


Chicago Cubs Enjoying Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood Bender


At spring training for the Chicago Cubs, the games being played aren't exciting enough (my assumption, but correct me if I'm wrong), so the team is turning to entertainment from a very special crazy celebrity who has recently been all over television for the batsh-t insane stuff coming out of his mouth.


Coco Crisp Got A DUI

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The most deliciously named (pause.


Drunk Lady Talks To Rashard Lewis

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<a href="http://huggingharoldreynolds.blogspot.com/">Hugging Harold Reynolds</a> posted this video yesterday, and it certainly is worth watching.


Iran Hates London Olympics Logo More Than The Rest Of Us

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Lately, Iran's given the Westboro Baptist Church a run for their money in terms of being crazy and protesting weird stuff.


Soccer Medic Does Flips


While attending to injured players in some random soccer game in Brazil, this diminutive little medic does flips and puts on a show as the people hurt writhe in (arguable) pain.


Wonderlic Not Totally Accurate, Says Daughter Of Creator


One part of the whole NFL draft-combine-orgy spectacular is the handing out of the Wonderlic tests.


Detroit Pistons Coach Gets Ejected, Detroit Pistons Laugh

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During a game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Detroit Pistons coach John Kuester got ejected for arguing a call and yelling a lot.


Rex Ryan And Mike Tannenbaum To Be On CSI

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With the NFL season over and about two months before the draft, players and coaches need to find ways to fill their free time.


Vandy Mascot Goes Senile, Gives Kid Bloody Nose


It's well-known that the majority of mascots are f-cking annoying, and the Vanderbilt Old Guy (I don't care about f-cking Commodores, so you're now Old Guys) fits right in with that sentiment.


A Few Minutes With The NBA’s Terry Porter

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Terry Porter knows his way about the NBA, having played for four teams and having coaching for two others.


College Hockey Goaltender Doesn’t See Incredibly Long Shot Turn Into Goal

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During a Michigan Tech-Denver college hockey game that I'm sure was the game of the night on ESPN, Denver freshman David Makowski was only trying to clear the puck out of his team's zone but instead aimed it directly at the unaware Michigan Tech goaltender.

Hockey Coach Goes Into Shirtless Rage

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After some fights ensued at a hockey game only the crowd cared about, Greg Pankewicz, assistant coach for the Colorado Eagles, got so angry he took off his jacket and threw it onto the ice.


They Throw Porridge In South Africa, Don’t They?

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Look out, <a href="http://www.nesn.com/2011/01/charges-dropped-on-toronto-maple-leafs-waffle-thrower-but-ban-remains-in-place.html">dude who threw waffles</a> at a Toronto Maple Leafs game.


NFL Prospects Scared By Gorilla

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What you see above is a frame of a news report about NFL prospects working out when all of a sudden, a gorilla comes out of nowhere.


Peter Laviolette Punches Own Player In Head, Not A Big Deal


With his Philadelphia Flyers down 2-0 very early in the game against the Carolina Hurricanes, coach Peter Laviolette needed a way to motivate his team and get them to score goals.

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