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Kommentariat Comments of the Week: October 22-28, 2014

By | 32 Comments

Jay Cutler wants to go to Barcelona because he heard it was in Catalonia.

the KSK football sex advice mailbag

The KSK Mailbag: Dating Your Coworker, Date-Dates and Weekly Fantasy Leagues

By | 108 Comments

Dating someone going through a separation seems like quick way to end up in a heap of trouble.

The NFL is never coming back to Los Angeles

Sneak Peek At One Of The 2000 Questionnaires The NFL Sent To LA Fans

By | 64 Comments

The NFL sent out 2000 questionnaires to people in Los Angeles to test the market for an NFL team. We got one of them.

sarah sprague

Kommentariat Comments of the Week: October 15-21, 2014

By | 40 Comments

So count Jets fans, in addition to Pete Carroll, as people who believe in Hightower conspiracies

sarah sprague

37 Items You Need in the Event of a Cowboys Winning Apocalypse

By | 108 Comments

Hi, I'm Randy "Tank" Thompson and I'm here to talk to you about what our government and our so-called news media won't; the possibility of a Dallas Cowboys winning season.

sarah sprague

Kommentariat Comments of the Week for Rocktober 8-14, 2014

By | 68 Comments

If Nicholas Sparks made a movie about the NFL, then Chuck Pagano would’ve died from cancer.


Brian Hoyer Begs LeBron James, The King of Akron, For His Support

By | 28 Comments

"Don't be silly. The Browns starting quarterback is superstar Johnny Manziel."


ESPN Ignores Ferguson Protesters At Edward Jones Dome During MNF

By | 155 Comments

Demonstrations continue just a few feet away from the ESPN trailers outside of the Dome.

Washington Humanskins

Dan Snyder Leaves Early, Spits In Stadium, Disgusted By Fans In Red Face

By | 11 Comments

Yelling out at no one in particular, Snyder cried, "Is it really too much to expect them to have Redskin-appropriate headdresses?"

sarah sprague

Kommentariat Comments of the Week: October 1-7, 2014

By | 58 Comments

As Peter King would say, the Comments of the Week are a funny thing.

sarah sprague

Fun With Peter King: Father Time Catches Up With Everyone

By | 70 Comments

As far as boring Peter King columns go, this one is pretty much one of the most vanilla and boring ones yet.

sarah sprague

Roger Goodell Starts His Campaign To Be “Leader In The Domestic Violence Space”

By | 44 Comments

When Roger Goodell said he was looking to be "<a href="http://kissingsuzykolber.uproxx.com/2014/09/klearinghouse-reggie-bush-is-an-idiot-too.html" target="_blank">a leader in the domestic violence space</a>" he didn't give any indication of what it would take to become the Grand Poobah of keeping people safe.

sarah sprague

Kommentariat Comments of the Week: September 24-30, 2014

By | 40 Comments

"This is why Condoleezza Rice would make a great commissioner. There is no way she would approve an unsubstantiated attack on a Husain."

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