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#Arrested Development

All The ‘Arrested Development’ Quotes You Should Still Be Using In Every Day Conversation

By | 89 Comments

Are you quoting 'Arrested Development' less in everyday conversation? Let's fix that with this refresher course.

#Parks And Recreation

‘Flush With Cash': Jean-Ralphio’s Greatest ‘Parks And Recreation’ Hits

By | 18 Comments

Hope you brought a change of clothes because your eyes are about to piss tears.

The Drew Carey Show

What’s The Cast Of ‘The Drew Carey Show’ Up To These Days?

By | 27 Comments

Let's see what the cast of 'The Drew Carey Show' has been up to!


Kyle Mooney Pre-‘SNL’ YouTube Videos Every ‘Saturday Night Live’ Fan Should Watch

By | 7 Comments

Kyle Mooney was a YouTube legend before joining 'Saturday Night Live.'

#The Office

Here Are The Ten Best Pranks Jim Halpert Pulled On Dwight Schrute, Ranked

By | 24 Comments

From the subtle beginnings, to later more elaborate endeavors. Like the time he framed Dwight for murder.


Here Are Your Updated ‘Seinfeld’ Guest Star Emmy Awards Power Rankings

By | 16 Comments

Can you name all the Seinfeld guest stars who have won Emmy Awards for acting?

#Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle Was In ‘You’ve Got Mail’? 6 Of The Comedian’s Roles You’ve Probably Forgotten.

By | 11 Comments

Before he played Clayton Bigsby and Rick James, Dave Chappelle starred in several minor TV and film roles. How many do you remember?


The Cast Of ‘SNL’ Past And Present Remembers Don Pardo


Past and present members of 'Saturday Night Live' remember Don Pardo after he passes away at 96.


A Scrapbook Of Absurdity: 12 Recurring Conan O’Brien Sketches Everyone Should Know

By | 47 Comments

If you don't know these absurd sketches by now you deserve to get pooped on.


Check Out These 9 TV Show Crossovers You May Not Realize Even Happened

By | 44 Comments

We look at some TV show crossovers you may not remember happening—for better, or worse.

nathan for you

The 5 Nathan Fielder Pranks Everyone Should Know Before Watching The ‘Dumb Starbucks’ Episode

By | 22 Comments

Take a look at the times Nathan Fielder gave controversial advice to small business owners on Nathan For You.


Bob Odenkirk Wrote ‘Down By The River’? 5 Writers People Don’t Realize Were Behind Iconic ‘SNL’ Sketches.

By | 20 Comments

You might be surprised what familiar names brought you some of the most iconic SNL sketches of all time.

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