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#Music Videos

Enjoy This Hypnotic, Soulful Cover Of Sheryl Crow’s ‘The Difficult Kind’ By NOLA Songbird Maggie Koerner

By | 3 Comments

Sometimes, a cover of a song is better than the original. This may be one of those times.


UPROXX 20: Ken Marino Takes His Kids To Nicki Minaj Shows, Can’t Resist Watching ‘Crossroads’ If It’s On

By | 23 Comments

Ken Marino was nice enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.

flying death machines

John Oliver Thinks That America’s Drone Program Is Absolutely Horrifying

By | 17 Comments

Armed American drones patrol the skies in many countries. This does not set will with the people in those countries.


The Latest Episode Of ‘This American Life’ May Be ‘The Ray Rice Video For The Financial Sector’

By | 11 Comments

Are the people charged with regulating the financial industry serving largely as pawns for the industry they regulate? Yep.

the tyranny of fish

Jim Gaffigan Explains To Letterman Why Fish Are Terrible Things To Eat

By | 4 Comments

"The best compliment you can give fish is to say that it's not fishy. You never hear someone say, 'Get the hamburger it's not burger-y.'"


ESPN Is Suspending Bill Simmons For 3 Weeks For His Impassioned Anti-Roger Goodell Comments

By | 97 Comments

Bill Simmons called out Roger Goodell for being a "liar" who peddles "f*cking bull$hit" and dared ESPN to reprimand him. Well they have.

#The Daily Show

Watch Jon Stewart Lose His Mind Over The Stupidity Of The Congressmen Who Make Climate Change Laws

By | 32 Comments

Here's a reminder that many of the people who make laws that govern our society or either idiots, whores to lobbyists, or both.

roger goodell

Roger Goodell Says He Hasn’t Considered Resigning At All, Not One Bit, Not For A Second

By | 19 Comments

Roger Goodell said a lot of words today, almost all of which confirm him being a stubborn, arrogant a-hole.


Want To See An Angry Mob Toss A Politician Into A Dumpster? Of Course You Do.

By | 6 Comments

Earlier this year Vitaly Zhuravsky sponsored a bill in the Ukrainian parliament designed to crack down on political protest. And now this...


UPROXX 20: Xosha Roquemore Of ‘The Mindy Project’ Knew Beyonce Was Pregnant Before You Did

By | 10 Comments

Xosha Roquemore was nice enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.

hunter s. thompson

Hunter S. Thompson’s 9/12/01 ESPN Column Predicted Exactly What Would Happen In The Aftermath Of 9/11

By | 68 Comments

Was Hunter S. Thompson a psychic, in addition to being a booze and cocaine fiend and a great writer? Possibly!

Jesus Freaks

And Now Here’s Pat Robertson Blaming Lesbianism On The Proliferation Of ‘Girl-On-Girl Movies’

By | 3 Comments

Because you've been dying to hear Pat Robertson utter the words, "girl-on-girl."


Listen To Howard Stern’s Broadcast From The Morning Of 9/11

By | 40 Comments

What was the usually raucous Howard Stern Show like on the morning of 9/11. Shock, confusion and anger reigned, as you can probably imagine.


Hannibal Buress Wore A Jumpsuit With His Face Printed On It On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

By | 4 Comments

Hannibal Buress is embarking on a new standup tour. You should go see him for this jumpsuit alone.

short films

This Slow-Motion Look At The Streets Of New York Is Some Mighty Fine Eye Porn


Kudos to filmmaker Tim Sessler -- he made a beautiful love letter to New York with this.

evil pricks

ISIS Is Now Threatening To Assassinate Twitter Employees For Suspending Their Accounts

By | 7 Comments

Not content with beheading journalists, ISIS is now threatening to murder Twitter employees.

the 80s

This 1981 ABC News ’20/20′ Report On The Rise Of Rap Music Is Equal Parts Fascinating And Hilarious

By | 21 Comments

This actually may be mainstream America's introduction to rap/hip-hop music, and for that alone it belongs in a time capsule.

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