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the 80s

This 1981 ABC News ’20/20′ Report On The Rise Of Rap Music Is Equal Parts Fascinating And Hilarious

By | 21 Comments

This actually may be mainstream America's introduction to rap/hip-hop music, and for that alone it belongs in a time capsule.


UPROXX 20: Bec Rawlings Would Like To Punch Joanne Calderwood In The Face

By | 4 Comments

Bec Rawlings takes a moment to tell us who she'd most like to punch.

#Fox News

Phil Robertson Of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Knows How Obama Should Handle ISIS: ‘Convert Them Or Kill Them’

By | 63 Comments

When it comes to how to handle ISIS, this Christian's views do not stray far from the philosophy of radical Islam.

the fat jew

January Jones Wants You To Know She’s ‘Flattered’ That The Fat Jew Wants To Drink Her Butt Sweat

By | 12 Comments

January Jones is down with the Fat Jew's raunchy humor, and she wants you to know it.


Someone Should Tell CNN That 4chan Is A Thing, Not A Person

By | 20 Comments

A CNN "technology analyst" apparently doesn't know that 4chan isn't an actual person.

casey neistat

Casey Neistat’s ‘A Love Story’ Will Make You Believe In Love Again

By | 11 Comments

You may want to have a box of tissues nearby when you watch Casay Neistat's "A Love Story." Consider yourself warned.

#College Football

Let Us Celebrate The Birth Of The Popeyes Bahamas Bowl By Ranking Popeyes’ Side Items

By | 42 Comments

In case you haven't heard, your new favorite college football bowl game is the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl.

evil dicks

Authorities Believe That The Man Who Beheaded Photojournalist James Foley Is This British Rapper

By | 26 Comments

A rapper from West London is believed to be the man who beheaded photojournalist James Foley in a video that hit the web last week.

short films

‘Paris Through Pentax’ Might Make You Want To Drop Everything And Go To Paris


See the City of Light through the lens of a Pentax 67 in this short film.

#Music Videos

Coldplay’s ‘True Love’ Video Is Disgustingly Cute, Sweet


Coldplay has a new video out. You probably want to hate it, but you won't be able to.

#Fox News

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Is SO OVER The Protests In Ferguson, Missouri

By | 34 Comments

Megyn Kelly was not pleased when Fox News producers ran footage of the protests in Ferguson on her show last night.


St. Louis Native Jon Hamm Weighed In On The Ferguson Mess At Jon Hamm Bobblehead Night At Busch Stadium

By | 15 Comments

Monday night was Jon Hamm bobblehead night at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. A reporter for People asked Hamm for his thoughts on Ferguson.


Passionless Obama Sleepwalks Through Ferguson Press Conference, Weary Nation Weeps

By | 73 Comments

President Obama held a press conference today to address the increasing turmoil in Ferguson. It was not really all that well received.


Things Get Ugly In Ferguson As Michael Brown’s Autopsy Finds He Was Shot 6 Times, Twice In The Head

By | 72 Comments

An autopsy found that Michael Brown was shot six times, twice in the head. Meanwhile, things are spinning out of control in Ferguson.

#Robin Williams

Lewis Black Responds To Rush Limbaugh’s Comments About Robin Williams: F*CK YOU

By | 20 Comments

Lewis Black responds in typical Lewis Black fashion to Rush Limbaugh's comments about Robin Williams' death.


Here’s How Fox News Is Covering The Ferguson Protests, In Case You Were Wondering

By | 123 Comments

How's Fox News handling their coverage of Ferguson? By essentially implying that MLK wouldn't approve of protesters' actions.

#Fox News

Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow: Michelle Obama ‘Needs To Drop A Few’

By | 47 Comments

Dr. Keith Ablow thinks Michelle Obama isn't qualified to give nutritional advice because she's got a big butt, or something.

bloviating bloviators

Right On Cue, Rush Limbaugh Said Something Impossibly Stupid About Robin Williams Committing Suicide

By | 90 Comments

Rush Limbaugh would like everyone to know that Robin Williams killed himself because he was a liberal. Or something.

legalized scams

John Oliver Took The Parasitic Payday Loan Industry To The Woodshed On ‘Last Week Tonight’

By | 41 Comments

Payday loan companies are modern day loan sharks. Please allow John Oliver to explain.


UPROXX 20: Kim Wayans Has Wonderful Siblings, But You Probably Already Knew That

By | 6 Comments

Kim Wayans was nice enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.

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