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RELAYS by Sol Republic Are The First Headphones That Keep Up With You

Promoted by SOL REPUBLIC

RELAYS is a true crossover headphone. It won't fall out when you're exercising, and looks and sounds great for when you're doing neither.


Ashanti Goes 'Off The Record' To Discuss New Album, Inspirations, And More

Promoted by McDonald's Off The Record

Ashanti goes Off The Record with The Boombox in to talk about her new album. Braveheart.

SXSW 2014

Relive Last Night’s UPROXX SXSW Showcase At The Woven House With Ink Master

Promoted by Ink Master

All the cool kids were at UPROXX's SXSW showcase last night. Were you?

uproxx profile

Austin’s Tommy2Stix, A Rapper With Muscular Dystrophy Introduces You To ‘Cripple Flow’


An Austin-based rapper with muscular dystrophy discovered is here to win your affection.


Midnight In Juarez: Nightlife In The Former Murder Capital Of The World


A fascinating documentary about nightlife in the heart of the former murder capital of the world: Juarez, Mexico.


REMINDER: Pre-Order Dr. Krieger’s Atomic BBQ Shirt While Supplies Last!

By | 4 Comments

Only three more days to pre-order our Dr. Krieger-inspired shirt. Now in XXXL by popular demand!


Allow Rob Riggle To Coach You On Dealing With Common Party Fouls


Rob Riggle helps the BroBible team deal with common party fouls.


Pre-Order Dr. Krieger’s Atomic BBQ Shirt While Supplies Last!

By | 19 Comments

To celebrate the return of Archer, we are making an extremely limited run of Krieger-inspired t-shirts.


10 Videos Of Patriotic Stunts Gone Horribly Wrong

Promoted by Ain't That America

Nothing says "patriotism" quite like taking a huge risk that you might burn your entire neighborhood to the ground.


Where Have You Seen The Cast Of TBS’s ‘Men At Work’ Before?

Promoted by Men At Work

Let's take a closer look at the cast of TBS's 'Men at Work.'

Men at Work

Shockingly Inefficient TV Workplaces That Most Definitely Weren’t Turning A Profit

Promoted by Men At Work

Ten places of business where very little business was conducted.


Untameable: 10 Sports Records That Will Never Be Broken

Promoted by BACARDI

Let's take a look at some of the most untouchable records in the books.


Untameable Athletes

Promoted by BACARDI

Natural talent will only get you so far. These athletes played harder, and with more determination, than anyone else.


The Pixar Animator NFL Sketches Are Back


Here are the latest weekly NFL preview sketches by Pixar animator Austin Madison. They're predictably wonderful.


10 Ways Every Guy Can Stay Untameable In His 20s

Promoted by Bacardi

You'll need some survival tips for your 20s if you want to be living the good life in your 30s.


The Most Untamed Performances In Sports History

Promoted by Bacardi

It's time to celebrate 10 of our favorite "untamed" moments in sports history


The Peyton Manning Cold Tub Photoshops Are Here


Peyton Manning missed practice to treat his injured ankle in the cold tub. The Internet took it as a challenge.


10 Essential Items Every Bro Needs

Promoted by Seiko XNY

Essential items for any young, stylish, and creative individual that allow the man behind them to express himself.


What If All 32 NFL Team Logos Were Fat?


Well, now you can scratch "knowing what NFL logos would look like if they were fat" off your bucket list.


Ranking The 10 Most Entertaining One-And-Done NFL Playoff Losses Of The Past 20 Years


There are few things in the NFL - and possibly life - more glorious than watching a team you dislike tanking its first playoff game.

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