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The ‘Blurred Lines’ Lawsuit Reveals How Much Money Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, And T.I. Made

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Here's how much money "Blurred Lines" made. Look upon it, ye mighty, and despair.

Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi Keeps Dropping The Funky Hits With His Newest Single ‘Buffalo’

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Chaz drops another loosie off the upcoming 'What For?' LP. Listen to 'Buffalo' now.

#Taylor Swift

This Crying Baby Really Loves Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’


Taylor Swift is a Grammy-winning singer, Jeff Bridges' on-screen daughter, and now, a soothing voice for fussy babies.

Natalie Dormer

Here Are All The Hot People Natalie Dormer Makes Out With In Hozier’s ‘Someone New’


Natalie Dormer, the soon-to-be Queen Margaery on 'Game of Thrones,' is giving serious face in Hozier's 'Someone New' music video.


Jussie Smollett Of ‘Empire’ Has Signed A Record Deal

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The 'Empire' star has parlayed his notoriety to a contract with Columbia records.

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Big Sean, Drake, And Kanye West Team Up For ‘Blessings’ Video

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Watch Big Sean's 'Blessings' video with Drake and Kanye West.

Britney Spears

This Is What It Looks Like When Britney Spears’ Hair Extensions Fall Off On Stage

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Who wants to watch Britney Spears' hair fall out in the middle of a concert?


There Is Now An Official Katy Perry Super Bowl Halftime Show Left Shark Costume For Sale

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It's been a month since the Left Shark danced into our lives and now Katy Perry has concocted a way to bring us closer to his grace.


Azealia Banks Quits Twitter For Religious Reasons

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She joins frequent sparring partner Iggy Azalea in ditching the service.

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Robert Flores Delivers A Knockout Blow In His Beef With Nick Young And Iggy Azalea

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The <a href="">back and forth</a> between Robert Flores and Lakers guard Nick Young reached a boiling point Monday night when the ESPN anchor went on the Sedano & Stink radio show.

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‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Becomes Norm Al On The New Episode of ‘Sound Advice’

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'Weird Al' sits down with Janessa Slater (AKA Vanessa Bayer) for the worst career advice of his life.

#Jimmy Fallon

Watch Jimmy Fallon And Kelly Clarkson Sing Through The History Of Duets

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Kelly Clarkson lends her voice to 'The Tonight Show' to highlight some of the best from over the years.

#Iggy Azalea

Nick Young Has Already Hit Back At ESPN’s Robert Flores For His Comments About Iggy Azalea

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What was supposed to be an innocent joke at the expense of Iggy Azalea has now evolved into an all-out war between ESPN's Robert Flores and Nick Young.