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It was all good just a week ago. With a seemingly endless stream of lawsuits ending up on his doorstep, a housecoat clad Jiggaman can barely enjoy his morning coffee without stumbling over some money-hungry naysayers. After being sued for his 2000 smash “Big Pimpin’,” Jay Z has requested that the jury not be made privy to his entire financial standing or previous criminal charges, according to TMZ.

No doubt Jay’s legal eagles know exactly what they are doing with this tactic. The move appears to be an effort to ensure justice is served in this instance without the jury being blinded by the fleets of exotic cars and jets at Mr. Carter’s disposal. Although, you would have had to be living under a rock for a decade to not know that Jiggaman is paid as f*ck. Exposing the entirety of his wealth in a comparatively small lawsuit could form biases in a jury member’s appraisal of the decision. This alone should be enough rationale to have the financial records stricken from the jury’s prying eyes.

We’ve seen how these “interpolation” suits play out with the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit and how things can get ugly in that courtroom. Both Jay and Timbaland are expected to testify when the proceedings do begin. Until then, our weekly dose of Roc will likely come in the form of Tidal vs. Apple, Silicon Valley beef.

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Talk about a welcomed surprise. First of all, hearing DJ Cassidy bring together Chromeo and Wale for “Future Is Mine” is awesome in itself, because Dave and P-Thugg rarely dabble in rap. Secondly, hearing the DMV MC spitting on their upbeat, loose groove will remind fans of the early days when his music had a bit more rhythm and made his character seem likable. Overall, the upbeat jam is an all around blast, that’s only topped off by a video full of dimes in mini-skirts. Replay away.


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The saga of Tom DeLonge and his fellow bandmates in Blink-182 has been interesting for those few people who care. Some of us are just lamenting the end of our youth in the form of this band we kinda enjoyed in high school, while others are wholly interested in the alien abduction, crazy talk side of the entire thing (that’s me). No matter where you stand (or if you don’t stand at all), you should know that Tom DeLonge is still out there working on his personal projects, but hasn’t given up on his brothers in Blink-182 just yet.

In a chat with Billboard magazine, DeLonge talks about the breakup of the band and where he sees himself with them in the future. The guitarist opens up about his own personal ambitions while seemingly keeping things civil when talking about Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker:

“I’m totally willing and interested in playing with those guys again,” DeLonge tells Billboard about singer Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker. “People ask me every single day, ‘Go back, go back, go back.’ And I tell people I haven’t forgotten anything and I’m grateful for that band and for those guys in my life. And I think about that band every single day of my life — sometimes multiple times a day. I love those guys and I love the band and, yeah, in the future let’s play together and figure it out or whatever. We just need time apart because we all want different things at this time. Those guys want to play the music and tour all the time, but I’m involved in some very big sh*t and some very important stuff.”

He’s got some big stuff coming, folks. Big stuff. Stand aside.

I think we know where the rest of the band stands on this, particularly Travis Barker during his interview with Alternative Nation a few months back. He wished him the best, but made it obvious that he and Mark Hoppus were on different paths than their former alien-loving bandmate. DeLonge says he’s not bothered by the band’s decision to move on without him and their choice to replace him, and he seems to still think things could’ve went down differently:

“I don’t mind anything. I want people to be happy,” DeLonge says. “Myself and those guys together were a very specific thing. If they want to go off and play the songs I wrote because that’s what they want to do and that makes them happy and they want to make a living, that’s cool. It’s not like it makes me extraordinarily jealous and I feel like I have to be on stage with them. I’m not wired that way. It wouldn’t have bothered me if they called me up and said, ‘Hey, if you’re really busy do you mind if we go out and do some of these things?’ I would’ve said, ‘Hell yeah, go for it.’ But it just never went down that way.”

Sounds a bit rose-tinted on how the band split apart, but okay. I’ll buy that he would’ve just said “go ahead without me” and not put up any sort of a fight. It makes a lot more sense than the government is out to get me because aliens are after my brain or some junk.

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Listening to Kanye West talk or reading what Kanye West thinks gives me a stress headache. He’s such an effing walking contradiction that my brain immediately goes into system malfunction mode when he starts up with his streams of consciousness. But the above clip might just change the game for me.

Someone made Kanye’s VMAs speech about nothing bearable by putting in the music from the show about nothing — Seinfeld. It’s such a simple life hack (I hate myself) that I wonder why I didn’t think of it first. Probably because I didn’t want to risk constipation watching Kanye ramble and circle jerk with himself. So I say “thank you” to the stranger who probably did this for Internet fame and not for my health.

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In a post-VMAs news cycle, follow-up stories can be unpredictable, wide-ranging, and (ultimately) scarce. So when the media got wind of a possible on-camera fart delivered by Taylor Swift, hoo boy. TMZ claims to have unaltered footage of Swift on the mic right before she introduced her “Wildest Dreams” video. TMZ may authentically believe that Swift farted in this video, or perhaps they simply inserted the proper noise as Swift squatted. You be the judge.

Let’s just say I have doubts that this amazing feat is even physically possible. Swift always maintains a curious sense of control over her entire image. She is nothing if not a perfect lady. In addition, the outfit she was wearing couldn’t possibly permit such a noise to escape. If she really needed to break wind, she could have done so under the cloak of a Nicki Minaj hug. After all, Nicki had other things on her mind and never would have noticed.

The timing of the mystery noise is interesting. Swift popped a squat at just the right moment. Her facial expression could have been a dead giveaway. And look at Karlie Kloss’ reaction. She looks as surprised as Rebel Wilson did when Nicki came for Miley Cyrus.

MTV was quick to hit up TMZ with a denial. Their mics are “so directional,” so there’s “absolutely no possibility” that Swift could have farted that audibly on camera. Notice they didn’t actually deny a fart happened, just that it couldn’t have been too righteous.

Tweets from the night of the VMAs do indicate something was amiss.

In conclusion, Taylor Swift probably did not fart on camera, but fart patrol is fun.

Let’s do this again with feeling.

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tpain sings national anthem dodgers game

Given their locale, the Los Angeles Dodgers probably get some pretty choice national anthem singers. Well, I’ll be damned if anyone else is knocking out “The Star Spangled Banner” better than T-Pain did yesterday in LA. This season, at least. With a fresh box fade and no Auto-Tune in sight, the Tallahassee native nailed his performance, adding unique inflections at certain points toward the end and earning a roaring crowd response.

At this point, we all know Teddy Penderazdoun is actually an amazing singer and not a gimmick, right? He’s also only 29. Something tells me his second act is going to be impressive.


Kevin Gates’ decision to kick a female fan at a show will now have legal repercussions. Lakeland Police told Billboard the rapper will be charged with simple battery for landing a foot on 18-year-old fan Miranda Dixon, who the report indicates agreed to press charges.

Police indicated that Gates “deliberately kicked” Dixon after she tugged on his pant leg. As a result of the blow, they contend the victim fell back into the crowd and claimed she lost “consciousness for a brief period of time.” I’ve seen the video – much like everyone else – and he did put a shoe to her, but I’m not sure how she managed to lose consciousness. Dixon told ABC-Tampa Bay, “It still hurts so much, that is why I try not to talk too much, or even walk around.”

The “I Don’t Get Tired” rapper was in and out of prison stints before his music career took flight, so this is a slap on the wrist for him. The battery charge comes at a time when there’s an online petition to ban Gates from performing in any Florida cities, which may not be a realistic goal to try to achieve. But it’s already cost Gates one fan. Dixon said, “I don’t think anyone should be his fan, I really don’t.”

(Via Billboard, ABC-Tampa Bay)

Throughout their rise to prominence, OVO’s visual representation of Toronto has remained constant: a hazy cocktail of downers, promiscuity, and atmospheric production often with Drake as the centerpiece. For the most part, Majid Jordan has remained the outlier of the label, more uptempo than the syrupy, slowed down drunk dialings of their label head, but those two worlds collide for the video for “My Love.”

Drake, of course, makes an appearance, literally and symbolically separate from the duo. When it’s Majid and Jordan’s time for screen time, they emulate the Drake doe-eyed look to a tee. They’re surrounded by women, as they question their interest in them over and over and it all makes for a sharp visual to go with one of the duo’s best songs yet.

No word on when Majid Jordan plans to drop their next project, but with “My Love” buzzing, it seems they’ll be popping up sooner than later.

So much for Rick Ross being quiet.

After emerging from the legal trouble-casted shadows Monday with the soulful banger “Foreclosures,” Ross is back with another single and a big announcement. First the Boss announced on Instagram that he has a mixtape on the way, this week, entitled Black Dollar.

Black Dollar This Thursday. #Luv. #doublem

A photo posted by Ricky Rozay (@richforever) on

Presumably this is the project that will house “Foreclosures,” and Rozay returned today with another taste of the project with “Money Dance,” featuring The-Dream. The slow, piano laden seven minute track produced by Jake One sees Ross either briefly touching on the legal troubles of William Roberts or telling more fictional “Boss” tales, you decide:

Tip toeing to court when I went the past week
Leaning on my lawyer pinky looking glassy
Charges dropped these plaintiffs just wanna tax me
Secret service wanna see me driving taxis
Hug my attorney and then we do the money dance

Either way, it’s the second solid offering in as many days from Ricky and more evidence that he just might be leaving Trap Ross behind for a return to Soulful Ross. A welcomed sight after his recent run of redundancy.

Coupled with “Foreclosures,” “Money Dance” should help drum up plenty of interest in Black Dollar’s release this Thursday, Sept. 3.

Janet Jackson kicked off her Unbreakable tour with a 32-song (!!!) set in Vancouver on Aug. 31. While fans were no doubt excited to hear “Nasty” and “All For You,” the most-interesting song might have been the one she opened with, a previously unheard number featuring Missy Elliott.

The song (possibly called “Burn It Up”) was one of three new tracks played at the tour opener and featured Missy in full-on MC mode, not so much rapping as urging the crowd to get into it. The new track isn’t the first time that Ms. Jackson and Miss E have collaborated. The duo met up for “Son Of A Gun” on the 2001 album All For You.

Together, they are almost a summit on overlooked artists. Both Janet and Missy have legacies greater than they are given credit for.

Janet hasn’t shared much from her upcoming album, also called Unbreakable. But you should expect to have more new music to go alongside “No Sleep” and that snippet of “The Great Forever.” Janet has shown she’s comfortable with showing off her latest music and with a massive tour to get through, we’ll have HQ recordings of the new music in no time.

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Bono’s music career has spanned nearly five decades, and has undoubtedly made him a very wealthy fella. The money he has made fronting U2, though, is pocket change in comparison to the cash his investment firm has produced over the years.

According to the New York Post, Bono’s investment group, Elevation Partners (like the U2 song, get it!?), purchased slightly more than $200 million of Facebook stock from 2009 to 2010. In just six year’s time, that investment has turned into an absurd $1.4 billion.

While this news may have Bono haters burning hotter than the fire of a thousand suns, there is more to the story. According to Value Walk, the Irish rocker’s takeaway from the investment is actually around $43 million.

So breathe easy, Bono haters. He’s not quite yet a billionaire, just a super stinking rich millionaire.

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willie nelson

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Earlier this year, Willie Nelson announced perhaps most no-brainer slam dunk idea of all-time when he decided to partner with a group to start franchising marijuana dispensaries nationwide. Sitting down with GQ to talk about the forthcoming stores, having a smoke off with Snoop Dogg, and a lot of other topics, Willie stumbled upon a topic that has been mentioned before, but never quite confirmed. He has told the story of how he smoked weed on the roof of the White House several times, including earlier this year on Jimmy Kimmel, but we never quite knew if it was the truth or telling stories out of school.

Now, courtesy of GQ, we can safely say it did happen, as well who let it happen.


GQ: Wasn’t it Jimmy Carter’s middle son, Chip?

And then there’s a pause, not too long, but long enough that I feel pretty sure he wasn’t expecting this name. And long enough that I know the name is right. But then—and maybe there’s just a quarter of a second of delete/fast-forward, and a decision is made that there’s no longer any point in getting too hung up about this—he rolls amiably on with the conversation.

WN: “Looked a lot like,” he says. “Could have been, yeah.”


It’s always the middle child who is up to the most mischief, isn’t it? Well, just to be double sure, GQ did their due diligence and called up a now-65-year-old Chip Carter to verify the story, to which Carter replied, “Well, he told me not to ever tell anybody.” But when GQ pressed for anymore info, it didn’t go as well.

Then I continue, inquiring whether I can ask [Carter] some more about what happened.

“No,” he says. “No, you can’t. Thank you.”

There you have it! Willie Nelson was let onto the roof of the most sacred residency and office of these United States and sparked up with the president’s son’s approval. God bless Willie Nelson.

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Have you ever had that oh so exciting conversation around the dinner table or water cooler about Miley Cyrus and whatever body part she exposed on TV this week? My favorite part of those is when the conversation turns to Miley’s dad, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus of “Achy Breaky Heart” fame. Originally relegated to the dustbin of history as a one-hit wonder, he’s now back in the spotlight again if only so we can ask, “I wonder what her poor father Billy Ray thinks of all this behavior?”

Turns out, he’s pretty okay with everything. Via NME:

Miley Cyrus’ father Billy Ray Cyrus has told the singer to “forget the negativity and the haters”. Following the criticism, Billy Ray Cyrus said to E! News, “We’ve always been very open-minded… She’s rocking and rolling and having a good time. What the world needs is love. There’s too much hate… The world needs positive influences.”

He continued, “Even when she was a little girl, we told her, ‘Hey, baby, do what you do and have fun doing it. Do it because you love it, not because you have to’. Seeing her happy is the greatest thing ever.”

Aww, what a sweet and terrible thing to say, Dad. Sweet because damn straight you should back your daughter up and encourage her to navigate the ridiculous seas of celebrity in whatever way makes her happy. But terrible in that it’s such a generic “you do you so long as it makes you happy” answer that you could deliver it to any under-employed coffee shop musician without changing a word, and it’d still fit. It doesn’t even begin to acknowledge how impressive Miley’s past couple years of stardom and pop culture manipulation have been.

She’s doing more than just “rocking and rolling and having a good time.” There’s a lot of very self-aware stuff going on in how she’s marketing herself and battling against body-shamers and prudes lately. The Miley you see half-naked with her tongue sticking out is just one very intentional depiction of her personality, even if that’s all the media is interested in showing us. I’m not saying she’s Susan B. Anthony or anything, but she’s got her own thing going on that is definitely worth respecting. I’m sure Billy Ray would agree, but I just thought it was worth putting out there explicitly.

There was a whole lot of speech to unravel after Kanye West left the MTV VMAs stage on Sunday night, but the internet took one little fact and ran with it. ‘Ye said he’s running for president in 2020.

People have been scrambling to figure out if Kanye was announcing a run to take a jab at Donald Trump, to legitimately throw in for a contest five years out, or just to continue being erratic and strange the way he always has. I mean, even the White House weighed in on ‘Ye’s potential presidency.

But it turns out that the single-most dissected moment of Kanye’s speech was an off-the-cuff response to something that was shouted at him from the audience.

In the clip up top, you can hear California State University, Long Beach student Pablo Chacon yell “Kanye for President!” during a break in West’s speech. West then gestures to the crowd and announces his presidential run.

It’s a shame that Kanye was just winging it. We had the campaign slogans ready for him. And he definitely has the Rihanna vote.

“I mean, people are voting for [Donald] Trump,” Rihanna told Entertainment Tonight. “Who wouldn’t vote for Kanye?!”

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Either the sleeper agents after Taylor Swift are getting bolder, or Swifties just feature their fair share of crazies. Swift escaped the grip of an unruly fan last month, and had another fan storm the stage on August 29.

According to TMZ, 26-year-old Christian Ewing managed to make his way onto the stage during Swift’s performance of “Style” (after sneaking into the concert). Once on stage, Ewing fought with four security guards and reportedly broke one of their ribs. He has been charged with both felony and misdemeanor battery, as well as obstruction. Watch a fan-shot video of the fight up top.

Last month, we could have joked that T-Swift’s music-biz enemies are finally gunning for her, but she’s been squashing beefs left and right. She performed with Avril Lavigne recently and appeared to end her high-profile feud with Nicki Minaj at the MTV VMAs.

Maybe Ewing was representing some jilted famous person who wasn’t called up on stage by Swift? But, more likely than not, he’s just crazy. We hear famous people attract those.

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Justin Bieber has had his share of ups and downs throughout his career. He’s got people who love him, and people who hate him. Biebs has been embarking on a redemption tour this year that began with his Comedy Central roast and has continued with actual music-making ventures… his “Where Are U Now” megahit collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo, and now his newest solo single “What Do You Mean.” He performed the two at Sunday’s VMAs and cried at the end, to further prove to the world that Bieber is A Mature Person Who Feels Things Just Like Everyone Else. And it’s kind of working: Public sentiment seems to be turning back Bieber’s way. (It doesn’t hurt that “Where Are U Now” and “What Do You Mean” are both actually good songs.)

But one person still needs to be impressed, apparently: Lena Dunham. As you can see above, Lena subtweeted Bieber, basically accusing him of advocating for rape culture. Dunham never actually mentions Bieber specifically, but is clearly referencing the lyrics to his new track: “What do you mean? / When you nod your head yes / But you wanna say no / What do you mean?”

While Dunham’s larger point is accurate – a lot of pop music made by men contains troublesome lyrics and content – we’re not sure she’s entirely right to take specific aim at Bieber here. Bieber’s lyrics don’t seem to reference sexual consent specifically, so much as they seem to be about the general feeling when someone in a relationship sends mixed signals about how invested in said relationship they actually are. Read the lyrics of the entire song for context and weigh in here as to whether you think Dunham was right to go after the Biebs.

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Young Buck

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It isn’t too often that a Dr. Dre record gets remixed and sounds better than the original but we might have an anomaly on our hands with this one. Hijacking one of the strongest records from Dre’s recent Compton LP, Young Buck keeps BJ the Chicago Kid’s hook intact as he reflects on his journey from dope dealing to choosing rehab over another iron vacation, as well as friends transforming into adversaries.

“Straight outta Cashville, for real, I think I’m O’Shea
It ain’t too many n***as can say they know Dre
Do what I want to do without 50’s okay
I pick this pistol up and Curtis know I’m gon’ spray
I pick this pen up and rappers know I don’t play
Skinny n***a strong enough to carry his own weight
Underrated, most hated and I’m overlooked
F*ck an interview my life is like an open book”

All in, this record stands as testament that the good Doctor can make any artist sound like a million bucks with his divine ability to put talented beatmakers, writers, performers and visions together. Even though Buck is probably on the wrong side of the spotlight, records like this will remind his true fans what they saw in his story, his delivery and persona from day one. Keep a few Styrofoam cups on deck because Whoo Kid and Buck aren’t done yet – they are teaming up to release the 10 Pints mixtape soon.

Almost as soon as he started doing interviews Young Thug gained the reputation of being a terrible subject. That’s well earned, but just because he answers damn near every question with just one or two words, and sometimes none at all. Oddly though, just because Thugger is awful at answering questions doesn’t mean he doesn’t make for an entertaining interview as he showed in his sit-down with Tim Westwood.

In just eight short minutes Thug discusses a myriad of topics from his current legal troubles (“I thought you had too many cases.” “Me Too.”) to The Carter 5 (“Uh ooooooh.”) and he even announces that his Slim Season mixtape with London On Da Track will be a series and not a one-off. However, the most noteworthy moment of interview is easily when Thug makes it a point to call his boss at 300 Entertainment Lyor Cohen a bitch. Over, and over.

Tim Westwood: Put (300) on the map baby, ’cause not a lot was moving (at 300) to be honest Jeff.

Young Thug: Oh wow. You heard that Lyor, son of a b*tch. B*TCH!

TW: Yes, Lyor. A lot of false starts baby.

YT: Did you hear that? B*tch. Did you f*cking hear it?

He eventually finished up with “You heard what he said Lyor? You haven’t had anything big over there in a minute, until I came in.” It was probably all in jest because he calls Atlantic and 300 “family” immediately after that but I’d imagine Lyor screamed at a few interns after he saw this one.

The latest rumored release date for Young Thug’s debut album is Hy!£UN35 September 24th and while that may not be final it is expected to come at some point this fall, especially with him kicking off his first solo tour this month.

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Tyler The Creator ban

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Tyler, The Creator had planned on playing some of the UK’s biggest festivals like Reading and Leeds this summer, but their immigration office had another idea entirely. He has, in effect, been banned from performing in Britain because of his presence not being “conducive to the public good.”

As you could imagine, Tyler was reasonably upset with this ban and expressed his frustrations in an interview with the Guardian. There, he articulated exactly what happened with the ban and the hypocrisy of the UK government’s ruling:

“Monday was one of the sh*ttiest days I’ve ever had. I was in a detention room; I felt like a criminal. And then [a Border Force officer] showed me lyrics from songs … literally, a paper with five lines of lyrics, and four were from Bastard songs and one was from “Tron Cat.” I never perform those songs. Thirty minutes later, the guy comes in, he gives me a paper, and he says: ‘OK, they’re not letting you in the country.’ “

He also went on to say his ban from previous countries like New Zealand and Australia is possibly causing other countries to follow suit without considering his case for themselves:

“Now [the UK government] are just followers. Everyone is a follower, just following what other countries are doing. Now I’m getting treated like a terrorist. I’m bummed out because it’s like, dude, I’m not homophobic. I’ve said this since the beginning. The “hating women” thing – it’s so nuts. It’s based on things I made when I was super-young, when no one was listening [to my music]. Like, I wrote “Blow” when I was reading about different people in American history. One of the people happened to be [the serial killer] Ted Bundy, and I wrote a song from his point of view.”

Fellow lightning rod Azealia Banks echoed Tyler’s statement and added that if we are banning artists for their lyrical content, then someone like Eminem should also be banned.

To be fair, Eminem has been banned from certain festivals in England and was almost banned from entering Canada early on in his career, but he hasn’t been banned from entering countries for his music. Ironically (or perhaps to Azealia’s point), Odd Future was banned from entering New Zealand to play Eminem’s own festival.

So is Tyler being unfairly targeted? In his interview, he brought up the fair question of why musicians are being targeted, but not directors or authors or other artists who write about violent content. That can be especially problematic when that rule is applied unevenly. He says he’s largely moved on from the controversial content that is the reason for these bans, but it seems that it may, rather unfairly, follow him for a while.

(Via the Guardian)

Azealia Banks spends an inordinate amount of time attacking people on Twitter. But there are plenty of times when Banks gets it absolutely right. She absolutely bodied presidential hopeful Donald Trump on Twitter last week, taking the air out of Trump’s celebration of his Time cover.

Other users joined in on Banks’ roasting of Trump, sharing Time covers of Hitler and other unsavory characters.

Sure, she does this sort of thing A LOT. But it is worth noting that Banks frequently has a point. She bashed a wax museum for their portrayal of Nicki Minaj, worrying that visitors would take lewd photos with a statue of the rapper on all fours, and her concerns proved to be well-founded. And she definitely had a point when she defended Tyler, the Creator, after the rapper was banned from the United Kingdom.

“So, if the UK is banning Tyler, the Creator for some old lyrics about harming women, they should ban Eminem, too?” she wrote. “Oh yeah, that’s right… Eminem is white, so he gets the courtesy of being forgiven in the public eye…”

And even if you don’t agree with her, her rant about the way she is portrayed in the media had raised some valid issues underneath a mountain of questionable statements.

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On Sept. 2, 1995, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opened to the public in Cleveland. It would give a physical home to the foundation started back in 1983 by Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun, one that had been inducting musicians and industry insiders into its Hall of Fame in 1986. The opening of the museum was first announced at the ceremony’s 10th anniversary, held on Jan. 12, 1995, making it the last ceremony that would be held annually at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City. It was also the first ceremony to be televised, with MTV airing a two-hour edited version on January 18.

Inductees that year included Al Green, Janis Joplin, Martha and The Vandellas, The Allman Brothers Band, Neil Young, Frank Zappa and Led Zeppelin as performers. The doo-wop group The Orioles were inducted in the early early influences category, and Billboard magazine music editor Paul Ackerman made it into the non-performer category. Twenty years later, we take a look back at some of the most noteworthy moments from that wild and event-worthy night.

Gregg Allman’s Barely-There Tribute To His Brother

After a heartfelt introduction from Willie Nelson, Gregg Allman stumbled to the microphone in between speeches given by his bandmates Dickie Betts and Jaimoe Johanson, where he managed to utter a barely audible and very brief tribute to his late brother, Duane, saying he was always “the first one to face the fire.”

Allman would later regret all those he didn’t thank that night, calling the moment a personal crossroads and an all-time low for him. After his lackluster performance with The Allman Brothers Band, he checked himself into rehab the following day.

Neil Young Thanks Just About Everyone

Eddie Vedder certainly took his time with a meandering delivery, including the hopeful, yet unfulfilled promise that Neil Young would use his time at the podium to scold the industry types in the audience over the disregard for music on vinyl. He also took the time to point out that his table was near Ticketmaster’s, a notable oversight, given that Pearl Jam had sued them the year prior.

As Young came out, clad in a bolo tie and an infectious grin, he first thanked his mom, then his band, Crazy Horse (who were sitting way in the back of the room), various label executives, producers, and a few others. Partway through, he freely admitted that he was rambling, before going on a completely new tangent, which included a heartfelt thanks to the late Kurt Cobain, whose suicide was less than a year prior. In the end, Young’s speech was earnest and endearing, coming from a man as grateful for his legacy as his fans.

John Paul Jones Throws Shade At His Former Bandmates

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith seemed to have taken their cues from Eddie Vedder in terms of lengthy introductions. The two traded passages discussing their relationship with Led Zeppelin, both as fans and as fellow musicians, including a significant portion discussing their shared awe of late drummer John Bonham, whose untimely death brought about the end to the band in 1980.

After coming onstage to accept their induction, Robert Plant took up the majority of their time, followed by Jimmy Page, then John Paul Jones, who Perry had just referred to as “the unsung hero of Led Zeppelin,” citing not only his bass playing, but also his numerous orchestral contributions. While they disbanded after Bonham’s death, Page and Plant continued to work together on multiple projects without Jones, including 1994’s live album full of old Zeppelin songs entitled Unledded.

This wasn’t lost on Jones, who took his turn at the mic to (briefly) mention his gratitude toward Peter Grant before laying down an especially bitter thank you to his friends for “finally remembering my phone number.” Ouch.

Lou Reed Gets Booed When Inducting Frank Zappa

Having died just over a year prior to his induction, Frank Zappa left behind a legacy of unfettered creativity, and fierce political activism, the latter thanks to his work lobbying against the Parents Music Resource Center, the group behind the “Parental Advisory” stickers. As Lou Reed’s name was announced as Zappa’s presenter, he was promptly booed by the crowd after taking the stage.

It was long speculated that The Velvet Underground had an ongoing feud with Zappa, something that Reed denied, and while visibly upset at the crowd’s response, he smirked it off before reading his speech. Delivered with his trademark lyrical prose, he discussed Zappa’s place among the greatest people he had ever known, and how his only regret was not knowing him more. When speaking of his respect for Zappa, he really seemed to punctuate the line “and I know he respected me,” before turning the podium over to Zappa’s daughter, Moon Unit, who tearfully accepted the honor on her late father’s behalf.

The Allman Brothers Band – “One Way Out”

An almost-great performance held back by Gregg Allman, who, as mentioned earlier, was too drunk to play.

Led Zeppelin And Neil Young – “When The Levee Breaks”

In a performance that played out over the end credits, John Paul Jones’ wishes came true, as he was again on stage with his former bandmates, along with Neil Young. Plant not only donned a red Les Paul for much of the song, he worked in the opening verse to Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” as a nod to Young near the end.

Kevin Gates Ban Petition


When Florida considers you disgusting enough to ban you, you’re definitely doing something very wrong. That’s the predicament Kevin Gates finds himself in after recent video emerged of him kicking a fan at a show. Couple that incident with his song lyrics and comments about incest and you get a Change.org petition started to ban the rapper from performing in the state again.

Calling him a “disturbed rapper,” the petition claims the “Kno One” MC is “ruining the hip-hop culture and it’s strongly believed that his presence in the music industry will incite more violence.” By banning him from performing in the state, their hope is to show the world that Gates’ words and actions won’t be tolerated. The petition is seeking 2,500 signatures and has more than 1,700 at the moment with the plan being to submit their request to Florida Gov. Rick Scott and President Barack Obama. The comments section of the petition seems to be fed up with Gates, although I’m not 100 percent sure how many of them listen to his music.

“Kevin Gates is a lowlife despicable creature that needs to be in jail. His actions were horrid and he should be reprimanded immediately.”

“He has no music talent and is basically pointless. Teaches violence against women and incest.”

“It’s disgusting that someone could do that!! That is someone that likes your music and is a fan!!”

Whether you agree or not, we’re reaching a point of redefining what is and isn’t acceptable from rappers. Starting with Rick Ross’ rape lyrics to the lengthy discussion surrounding Dr. Dre’s abusive past, rap’s treatment of women seems to be undergoing a shift to change how women are treated within the music and culture.

I’m a big fan of Gates music, but a lot of his off-the-mic antics are what make it hard to support him. For a while there, he was on a straight path to being Plies with the incest talk and animal sex sh*t. Those were a little easier to overlook because he wasn’t harming anyone — at least not publicly, who knows what he did with the damn dog and a groupie in private. But seeing him kick a female fan for what looks like no reason leaves him on an island by himself to explain his actions because I can’t back buddy.

(Via Change.org, H/T Dirk)


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So, whether or not you watched Sunday night’s MTV VMAs, you’ve probably heard about the speech Kanye West gave when receiving the Video Vanguard Award. The speech was filled with the Kanye-isms that’ve become commonplace, but there was one bit that everybody wanted to talk about… his declaration that he’s running for president in 2020.

We may laugh, but looking at some of the current presidential candidates (hi, Mr. Trump), Kanye becoming president surely wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to America. Actually, it’d probably be pretty great. Anyways, in hopes that Mr. West actually runs for president in 2020, we created 10 slogans for the rapper’s future campaign. Remember us five years from now, Kanye!

Yeezy Season Approaching

Because, duh.

The G.O.O.D. Life

Imagine having G.O.O.D. Fridays, except, like, every day for four years.

Do It Better Than Anybody You Ever Seen Do It

So. Much. Power.

You’ll Never Find Nobody Better Than Me

I’mma let you finish, but I’m going to be one of the best presidents of all-time!

Bound 2 Be Your President


I Got That Ambition, Baby

This week, he’s passing laws. Next week, its the Chi.

I’ve Got The Answers

Sorry, Sway.

I Keep It 300

No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative.

I Care About Dreamers

2020 presidential debates equals many mini visionary stream of consciousness moments.

We In The Muthaf*ckin’ House

Just imagine how historical it would be if that “All Day” performance from this year’s BRIT Awards was recreated at the White House?

During the VMAs, Kanye West made a long speech ending with the announcement of a presidential run. Now, that was likely the weed talking, but people were curious about what a Kanye presidency would entail. Normally, Ye being a loudmouth who hasn’t held a political office would hurt him, but we got a guy like that running now, and he’s leading his party’s polls at the moment. With that in mind, Jimmy Kimmel compared select clips of Trump and Kanye side by side, and it turns out that they are indeed a lot alike.

For those of you who missed out on the speech, but don’t feel like sitting through 13 minutes of pauses and rants, Kimmel had Guillermo provide an abbreviated version of the speech. At first glance, it appears that they may have also provided Guillermo with an actual pair of Kanye’s sneakers, which tend to go for a pretty penny.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)