1-on-1 Tournament: Division Finals (West)

03.24.08 10 years ago 211 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONKobe (photo. Chris Sembrot)

At some point, when the Northwest Division semifinal round — in particular the Brandon Roy versus Allen Iverson matchup — was approaching a ridiculous amount of attention, some readers accused others of the online version of stuffing the ballot box. So we put our investigative team on it (well, it was just Austin, who took the assignment ’cause of something about injustices anywhere being injustices everywhere or something), and after filtering through the duplicate IP addresses, got the most legit results we could possibly get.

With that out of the way, here are the rules as we get closer to the finals: Straight 1-on-1, make it-take it, games to 11 (by ones and twos), all hypothetical. The six division winners will advance to the finals, with two of them getting a bye, just like the NFL playoffs. Vote in the comments section to determine the Western Conference winners:

(Click HERE for the Eastern Conference bracket.)

Kobe Bryant vs. Monta Ellis

Chris Paul vs. Tracy McGrady

Carmelo Anthony vs. Brandon Roy

Round 3 voting:
Kobe 43, Baron 11
Monta 31, Amare 21
T-Mac 40, Duncan 8
C. Paul 34, Ginobili 14
Roy 78, Iverson 42
‘Melo 98, Boozer 18

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