1-on-1 Tournament: Round 1 (Southeast)

02.29.08 10 years ago 27 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONDwyane Wade (Photo. Mannion)

With only one team (Orlando) currently sitting above .500, the Southeast is the worst division in the NBA. Not that it was supposed to turn out this way. Going into the season, the Heat and Wizards were expected to be forces to be reckoned with in the East, while the Hawks and Bobcats were on the rise. Despite all the losing and disappointment, though, there is still a lot of individual talent here.

The rules: Straight 1-on-1, make it-take it, games to 11, all hypothetical. The six division winners will advance to the finals, with two of them getting a bye. (Just like the NFL playoffs.) Vote in the comments section to determine the first-round winners:

(1) Dwyane Wade vs. (16) Marvin Williams
(8) Josh Smith vs. (9) Hedo Turkoglu
(5) Caron Butler vs. (12) Jason Richardson
(4) Shawn Marion vs. (13) Mike Bibby
(6) Joe Johnson vs. (11) Gerald Wallace
(3) Gilbert Arenas vs. (14) Ray Felton
(7) Antawn Jamison vs. (10) Rashard Lewis
(2) Dwight Howard vs. (15) Emeka Okafor

Atlantic Division
Pacific Division
Central Division
Southwest Division

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