10 Best NBA Offensive “Weapons”

12.15.08 9 years ago 38 Comments
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In my argument for Al Jefferson over Amare Stoudemire last week, I said that Big Al’s baby hook is one of the 10 best “weapons” in the League right now. It’s something that he goes to multiple times a game, and it’s effective most of the time.

For a move, a skill, or a shot to count as someone’s “weapon,” it’s got to be something that they often use, and often have success with. Kareem‘s sky hook, Michael‘s fadeaway, McHale‘s up-and-under, Shaq‘s drop-step all fit into this category.

Apologies to the Diesel, but that power move would have made this list circa 2003 – not anymore. With Al leading the way among big men, what are the 10 best NBA offensive “weapons” in the League today?

*Note: LeBron isn’t on the list because it’s hard to say that he has one “move”. He basically just picks a direction and goes hard that way.

(in no particular order…)
* Paul Pierce‘s step-back
The amazing thing about the Truth is that he can do this off of his left or right foot, pushing back off of a hard dribble and rising up for a J.

* Chris Paul‘s in-and-out dribble
For someone who is as quick as CP3, it’s remarkable how “north-south” he plays. And the one move that he uses to get into the lane without wasting any time is the in-and-out.

* Tony Parker‘s floater
It’s so pretty that both 2K9 and Live ’09 have this move specially installed in their games.

* Dwyane Wade‘s pull-back jumper
O.J. knows this one.

* Manu Ginobili‘s pump-fake

* Kobe Bryant‘s jab step
The first move in Mamba’s calculation of how to beat his man is a jab. Though it forces him to choose a pivot foot, it allows Kobe to diagnose how his man is playing him.

* KG‘s dream shake
This video is pretty bad quality, but if you blow it up enough, you’ll be able to see Nene get fooled.

* Dirk‘s fadaway
If it’s hard to guard a 6-7 small forward shooting a fadeaway, it’s almost impossible to stop a 7-0 taking that same shot.

* Derrick Rose‘s stutter step
The rook really only has one move at this stage of his career. But it’s good enough to get him over 18 per game.

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