The 10 Most Exciting HS Players We’ve Ever Seen

05.02.14 3 years ago 7 Comments
Aquille Carr

Aquille Carr (photo. Douglas Sonders)

Basketball is fun. It provides jaw-dropping highlights and eye-popping plays. NBA and college hoops are full of them, but it is what happens on the high school hardwood that often goes unnoticed. While not every player “makes it” to superstardom, there are those who find unfathomable success before they are even legally allowed to drive cars.

In the countdown below, we honor the ten most exciting high school players we’ve ever seen.

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10. Kenny Anderson
Three-time Parade All-American Kenny Anderson began attracting attention as a sixth-grader. He continued to rise through the ranks and was named as the top sophomore in the country by Sports Illustrated in 1986. The 6-2 guard made passes on the fly, zipping them through the defense like no one else was capable of doing. Anderson was the first player to be named All-New York City for four years, and received high praise from those who were fortunate enough to watch him:

“He is, unequivocally, the greatest high school point guard I’ve ever seen,” swell-respected scout Tom Konchalski once said, who’s been covering high school basketball for over 50 years.

9. DeAndre Jordan
Have you ever swatted 20 shots in one game? Better question: Do you even know anyone who has accomplished this feat? Probably not. When DeAndre Jordan was in his senior year at Christian Life Center in Texas, the current Los Angeles Clippers starter dropped 37 points and added 20 blocked shots, on his way to becoming the No. 2 overall center in the country, according to Rivals.

Following high school, Jordan played one season at Texas A&M before declaring for the 2008 NBA Draft, where he was selected as the No. 35 overall pick by the Clippers. After his sixth regular season in the league, the 25-year-old averaged 2.5 blocks per game, good for third in the league. And no one is surprised.

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