The 10 Funniest GIFs From The NBA Season

04.16.14 3 years ago
Andrea Bargnani, Thaddeus Young

Andrea Bargnani, Thaddeus Young ( Jim O’Connor/USA TODAY Sports)

For better or for worse, technology appears to be evolving at the speed of light. One of the many positives of this rapid change is the ability to be entertained from multiple areas, including the .gif, compressed image files.

While there were so many to choose from, here are the ten funniest GIFs from the 2013-2014 NBA regular season:

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10. Kevin Durant is quite good at basketball
For the first time in his career, Durant will most likely win this season’s Most Valuable Player award. He’s put up huge numbers throughout the year and is seemingly unstoppable when it comes to scoring the basketball. In the above GIF, the Atlanta Hawks sent three defenders at him, yet he still managed to drain the jumper.

(GIF via SB Nation)

9. Wale should stick to music
In February, we may have witnessed one of the worst passes of all-time at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. Late in the first quarter, rapper Wale was dribbling atop the key and attempted to simply dish the ball off to his teammate, when, inexplicably, the ball ended up nowhere near the intended target.

(GIF via CoS)

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