10 Worst Streetball Moves Ever

07.28.11 6 years ago 29 Comments
Hot Sauce

I’m telling you guys, whenever you need a laugh, scoop up some old YouTube videos (like I have) during the AND 1/streetball/Ja Rule/throwbacks/size 40 jeans period and thank me later. I still remember constantly downloading those old AND 1 tapes back on Kazaa, dribbling in front of mirrors, in racquetball courts, in school. Honestly, looking back on it now, that was one of the weirdest phenomenons I’ve ever seen. People who weren’t even basketball fans were obsessed with Hot Sauce.

I actually enjoy watching some videos like these – ball handling is a skill that will improve whether you’re doing figure 8s or standing in front of a mirror – and I always looked at AND 1 as a way to get more comfortable dribbling a basketball. So the movement did have some strengths. And it yielded the classic NBA Street video game series for the old Xbox, which was one of the most underrated video games ever because it combined street stuff with actual NBA signature moves (it also had a vault of every move in the game, so you could learn them if you were into that).

As the years have moved on, and as the old AND 1 tapes continue to collect dust in storage and as I’ve started to forget about The Notic, I took a trip down memory lane. Whereas people might’ve once loved these moves, now they just trip me up laughing. Here are the 10 worst streetball moves ever (or at least 10 really bad ones that I could find).

*by the way, no one needs to be catching feelings over this list. No one is hating…just having some laughs

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10. I think this is the ugliest cousin of the Shammgod possible. Some streetball moves can actually work if you’re just messing around at open gym or at the Y. With this one, there’s really no reason to ever use it. Ever.

9. The Slip n’ Slide. Probably one of the most famous streetball tricks ever. I contemplated not even putting this on the list because I gotta respect anyone that can do some of this stuff (half break dancing, half dribbling). But at it’s essence, there really is no point in doing it.

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