15 Sneakers We Want To See On NIKEiD

04.11.14 3 years ago
Nike Kobe Prelude IV

Nike Kobe Prelude IV (photo. Nike Basketball)

NIKEiD has exploded from its initial clunky and slow infrastructure into a highly desirable, limited-run option for sneaker fans to deck out the latest Nike Basketball signature sneakers or the newest Air Max models, acting out their own fantasies like Tinker Hatfield.

Unfortunately for sneaker fans, new models to illustrate their artistic ability upon are restricted to general releases and mostly newer silhouettes. What would happen if Nike and Jordan Brand decided to let consumers run amok and release for a week, or even a day, some of the most beloved and demanded sneakers from throughout their history online for the iD treatment?

With the website marking its 15th anniversary this year, it seems a better time than ever to dream about what shoes sneakerheads salivate over appearing on NIKEiD and which kicks could make Phil Knight’s wallet even fatter.

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15. Nike Zoom Revis
An underrated and slept-on trainer, Darrelle Revis’s signature shoe made its way to store shelves, and because of his ACL injury the same year, to clearance racks in 2012. With Revis back in the news recently after singing a contract with the New England Patriots, Bostonians and sneakerheads alike would be rushing to make some red, white and blue colorways of Nike’s most recent football signature model. Bold iD users could even opt for a floral print or South Beach scheme to give it that Revis Island feel.

14. Nike Air Pippen I
Scottie Pippen would no longer have to be relegated to a second fiddle role, both in terms of basketball ability and in the sneaker game, to Michael Jordan, with a popularity boost stemming from his first signature series appearing on NIKEiD. “I wanna be like Mike.” Fans can make the Air Pippen I Like Mike by designing some classic Air Jordan colorways on the model, whether it be Laneys, Grapes, or some other scheme entirely.

13. Nike Air Zoom Flight ’98 “The Glove”
On the heels of him being announced as an inductee of the Basketball Hall of Fame 2013, Gary Payton’s first signature shoe saw a handful of retro releases in 2013, as The Glove’s zipped up outer layer served as a precursor to later successful sneakers like the Air Jordan XX8. That layer, worn either up or down, creates endless possibilities for sneaker fans to devise different looks. Payton disciples can craft a sleek, black external cover and then hide some outlandish and vibrant creations under that, ready to be unsheathed whenever the temperature hits about 70 degrees.

12. Nike Air Max 97
3M material? Nike fans would drape themselves in it akin to George Costanza in Seinfeld with velvet. The Air Max 97 was an innovation upon the already experimental tendencies of the 95 model, as sneakerheads would now be able to do the same at their whim nearly two decades later. To match the bright designs that would come to define later running shoes, a vibrant colorway in the vein of the modern South Beach would work, as it also coincides with the (then named) Florida Marlins and their 1997 World Series Championship.

11. Nike Air Zoom Generation
A bidding war erupted between Nike and adidas to sign LeBron James to a sneaker deal upon his graduation from high school. Nike won the battle and ultimately won the war as well, as LeBron models of sneakers brought in nearly $300 million for the company in its last fiscal year. It all started here. While the Wheat colorway stands as the most famous, it would be great for LeBron fans to recreate famous colorways that became staples of signature line later on such as Dunkman, Swingman, South Beach, Miami Nights, and Summit Lake Hornets, on the first shoe to properly display LBJ to the sneaker community at-large.

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