20 NBA Players With The Deepest Shooting Range Of All Time

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Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki (photo. Nike Basketball)

Since the 1979-80 NBA season, the three-point line has been a part of the game. From that year on players have attempted the long range shot to earn an extra point. Through the years, there have been a few that were able to knock it down more consistently than others, and these players earned cliche nicknames like sharpshooter, knockdown shooter and zone buster.

However, this list isn’t about those players. This is a list for the select few that laugh at others who have to toe the line in order to drain threes. This is a list for the players who can make shots from deeper than 23 feet, nine inches, and make it look easy.

I compiled a list of the 20 players who showcased the deepest shooting range I’ve ever seen. There may be better three-point shooters than the guys on this list, but no better players at making the long ball.

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Jason Terry is a player known as much for his antics on the court as his skill. His “Jet” celebration is one fans either love or hate. But he has known to take a few deep threes in his time as well, especially during his years as a sixth man for the Dallas Mavericks. His play was key when the Mavs went on their championship run in 2011.

Jason Terry
(Jason Terry 2010-11 Heat Map courtesy of: Basketball-Reference.com)

Rasheed Wallace was a very colorful character during his time as an NBA player; he constantly got under referees’ skin and even helped champion the now famous phrase “ball don’t lie.” One thing ‘Sheed always brought to the court was the ability to knock down threes—even with his off hand at times. Wallace’s shooting helped him stay in the league up until last season, where he played 21 games with the Knicks. Now as an assistant coach with the Pistons, maybe he and Billups will be able to help newcomer Josh Smith fix his jump shot.

Rasheed Wallace
(Rasheed Wallace 2005-06 Heat Map courtesy of: Basketball-Reference.com)

Jason Williams had swag before the word was even formed by pop culture. Williams had the ball on a string at all times and made it do whatever he wanted it to. White Chocolate was way before his time and had enough tricks to fake out even the best of defenders — word to Gary Payton. However, his handle wasn’t the only thing he was renown for. His ability to knock down threes from as deep as he chose was something fans loved, but coaches hated.

Jason Williams
(Jason Williams 2000-01 Heat Map courtesy of: Basketball-Reference.com)

Stephen Curry got it from his pops; Dell Curry was hurrying three after three in the league before Steph could walk or talk. He made shots from anywhere on the court. Curry was a shooting specialist and turned his ability to make jumpers into a 16-year career.

Dell Curry
(Dell Curry 2000-01 Heat Map courtesy of: Basketball-Reference.com)

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