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Seattle’s Best: Q&A With Jamal Crawford and Jason Terry

By 10.02.08
Jamal Crawford and Jason Terry

While many people would say that Starbucks is Seattle’s best, I beg to differ. The other day I was able to get up with Jamal Crawford and Jason Terry – two of the greatest players to have played in the 206 – and talk to them about the Emerald City, where they play ball and what they’re gonna write on their Reebok Talkin Krazy this season.

Jamal Crawford

Dime: Just like Jason, you grew up in Seattle. Where did you play ball?
Jamal Crawford: I played at all the rec. centers and then at my high school. I’d play wherever the best run was. Nowadays, it’s at Rainier Beach. They have a Pro-Am and Nate [Robinson] plays in it, Jason [Terry], Spencer Hawes, and some other pros.

Dime: Is it true you only played ball for two years in high school?
JC: Honestly, I was in L.A. and not focused on school. I was running with the in-crowd and not eligible. When I moved to Seattle, I got my grades together and I played basketball. I played early on, but just not for my school. I knew Baron [Davis], Paul [Pierce], Schea Cotton. I played at 74th and Van Ness. They had the dunkables. Ya know, the 7-foot rims.

Dime: What’s it like playing alongside Rainier Beach alum Nate Robinson?
JC: It’s crazy honestly. We have the same color unis we wore in high school. He was a frosh and I was a senior. He was the little guy growing up, now it’s exciting to be in New York.

Dime: I read somewhere that you keep your watch set to Pacific Time to indicate time back in Seattle. Do you still do this?
JC: I’m still on it. It’s not that it’s hard to adjust, it’s just home.

Dime: Who do you kick it with on the Knicks off the court?
JC: Eddy Curry and Nate Rob.

Dime: What do most of your teammates not know about you?
JC: They don’t know that I’m a comedian. The season for me is business, but off the court I’m really funny.

Dime: How has Elton Brand‘s move to Philly altered the power structure in the East?
JC: I think it definitely changes things. Also with Jermaine O’Neal in Toronto and Mo Williams in Cleveland, people are getting better. Getting Coach D’Antoni was huge. His different style with our team will benefit us.

Dime: I hear you’re going to be wearing the Reebok Talkin Krazy this season. What are you going to write on it?
JC: Three simple words, “Make it Happen.”

Jason Terry

Dime: Just like Jamal, you grew up in Seattle. Where did you play ball?
Jason Terry: I played at Rainier Beach, but the legendary runs went down at UW. I mean classic runs. Guys would come back that are in the League and play against guys trying to make a name for themselves.

Dime: Who do you think is the greatest PG ever to come out of Arizona?
JT: Honestly, I want to say myself, but I went there because of Damon [Stoudamire]. We won the Championship in ’97. You also have Steve Kerr, [Mike] Bibby, [Gilbert] Arenas. We are the elite class, a brotherhood. We all go back in the summer and play with the new cats coming in. If I can’t pick myself, I say Damon [Stoudamire].

Dime: Did you have a chance to meet and talk with Brandon Jennings when he decided on U of A?
JT: I talked to him at the Reebok All-American Camp. His decision was to play overseas. You gotta do what is best for him and his family. Life goes on. Abdul Gaddy is gonna be an outstanding talent though.

Dime: I read somewhere that you have a tattoo of Underdog. How do you relate?
JT: I never was seen as one of the best players on the court ’til senior year of high school. Even at Arizona, I was not a starter ’til senior year.

Dime: What do most of your teammates not know about you?
JT: My teammates wouldn’t know that I sleep with my Reebok Omni Pumps.
Dime: Are you for real?
JT: Yea. I always sleep in my uniform the night before a game.

Dime: Who do you kick it with on the Mavs off the court?
JT: Jerry [Stackhouse] and Dirk [Nowitzki].

Dime: Your brother Curtis just finished playing college ball at UNLV last season. What’s he up to?
JT: He just graduated with a Communications degree. He tried out for Dallas’ Summer League team and is waiting on a call from the Lakers for training camp. He has a future in broadcasting in the Mountain West conference or playing overseas.

Dime: I hear you’re going to be wearing the Reebok Talkin Krazy this season. What are you going to write on it?
JT: My nickname is JET, so I’m gonna write, “Clear The Runway.”

If you’re looking to get into it like Jamal and Jason, the Reebok Talkin Krazy is available now exclusively at brick-and-mortar Champs Sports and Eastbay online.


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