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More Minnesota drama with Rubio, and Amar’e to the Lakers?

By 06.27.09
Al Jefferson

Al Jefferson

Has anyone bothered to find out what Al Jefferson thinks of all this? Friday’s NBA Draft aftermath still focused primarily on the Timberwolves, specifically on them picking Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn back-to-back. It’s to the point where Minnesota GM David Kahn wrote an open letter to Wolves fans explaining his actions, a classic example of a guy who still feels the need to prove himself. Could you ever see Larry Bird, Michael Jordan or even Rod Thorn doing that? Anytime Bird hears criticism for his player moves, we can imagine him thinking, “Why did I do that? Because I f***in’ felt like it. I’m LARRY BIRD, dammit!” … Anyway, Kahn boldy stated that Rubio will be Minnesota’s starting PG “the moment he walks through our front door,” adding that it may take a year or two for that to happen because of Rubio’s buyout situation. He’s confident the Rubio/Flynn backcourt — the same one Dick Vitale promised will get a coach fired — will work, going as far as comparing them to Isiah Thomas/Joe Dumars, Danny Ainge/Dennis Johnson and Jerry West/Gail Goodrich … Here’s what we’re guessing will happen: Rubio won’t come to the U.S. this season while his agent tries to force a trade (probably to New York), and Flynn takes the starting PG job from Sebastian Telfair in the meantime … While most of the Dime office thinks Kahn made the wrong picks, why are all these critics saying he should have gone with Stephen Curry? If the argument is that Flynn and Rubio are too small to guard bigger twos like Kobe and Vince and Brandon Roy, what makes anyone think 6-3, 185-pound Curry can do it? If Kahn wanted to draft his starting backcourt, he should have taken whichever PG he wanted (Curry, Rubio, Flynn) 5th, then taken DeMar DeRozan 6th … BTW, if you’re tired of only hearing about the Wolves, go here to grade your favorite team’s draft and talk about what they did right or wrong … Kahn still needs to hire a coach, which he says will happen by the end of July. Did you catch that jab Kahn took at Vitale during the draft when asked about the coaching search? He teased Jeff Van Gundy by saying, “There’s an established former NBA coach” on the ESPN staff, then sarcastically said he was talking about Vitale. Was that payback for Vitale criticizing his draft? Do you think Dickie V heard that and threw his pudding across the lounge of the senior center? … The Kings’ Twitter feed had this note: “[Jon] Brockman said [Spencer] Hawes broke news to him he was a Kings Draftee by calling him a few moments before he was taken saying, ‘You’re my rookie.'” Hawes and Brockman were AAU teammates and college teammates at Washington … And since our business has apparently come down to just scouring Twitter, the L.A. Times reported a trade rumor they got from (what may or may not really be) an Amar’e Stoudemire tweet: “Breaking News! Amar’e Stoudemire to the Lakers!!” … Lakers or no Lakers, the Stoudemire-to-Golden State deal might be dead. Nellie said he’s not gonna trade Stephen Curry, who was a key part of that rumored deal. “He can unpack his bags and relax. He can buy a house,” Nellie said of Curry. “We drafted him because we think he’s a terrific player that fits right into our program. He ain’t going anyplace.” … Shaq is gonna wear #33 for the Cavs. They didn’t retire that for Devin Brown? Jumaine Jones? … Knicks rookie Toney Douglas took #23. Smart investment by the kid, who could be in line for a nice chunk of cash if LeBron comes to NYC next summer … In the press conference where the Nets introduced Terrence Williams, Rod Thorn said he’s looking at Yi Jianlian to be the starting power forward next season. “To put it nicely,” one reporter wrote in the New York Daily News, “Yi is not very popular with the team’s fanbase, who were left scratching their heads last year when the Nets stuck with him as a starter even while he often disappeared on the floor.” The Nets want Yi to get stronger, and reportedly he’s been working on it. Do you think Yi will ever turn into the star some thought he would be coming into the League? … We’re out like Jumaine …

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