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Jerry Buss and Lamar Odom Have Some Beef

Summer league “vets” steal the show, and the Knicks find a ghost

By 07.15.09
Anthony Randolph

Anthony Randolph

Big night in the Vegas Summer League, where the “veterans” outshined the rookies and toyed with some of the scrubs. Anthony Randolph continued his MVP-caliber run, dropping 42 points (13-22 FG, 16-21 FT), four steals and three blocks on the Bulls while looking like a more athletic version of Chris Bosh. Randolph has shown flashes in college and during his rookie year; we know, It’s Just Summer League, but the guy is looking like he’s gonna be a beast in the NBA. Few power forwards in the League have his athleticism and few small forwards have his size, making him an instant matchup problem. He’s still a little too skinny, but he’s putting on muscle, and was finishing strong at the rim yesterday. Stephen Curry had 10 points (3-15 FG) and eight dimes in the game … Nick Young went for 36 points (13-19 FG) against the Cavs. Young should also find his niche this season; he can be a real force as a pure scorer off the bench behind Gilbert Arenas and Randy Foye, a cross between J.R. Smith without the rough edge and Jason Terry without a conscience … Blake Griffin was not-as-amazing in his second pro game, recording 16 points and nine boards against the Hornets, and again struggling from the free throw line (2-5 FT). Blake was outshined by DeAndre Jordan (21 pts, 12 rebs, 3 blks) and Eric Gordon (22 pts), which is a good thing if you’re the Clippers. Serious question: If you look past their cursed history of simply being the Clips, doesn’t this franchise have a bright future with Gordon, Griffin, Jordan, Chris Kaman and Al Thornton? And Mike Taylor isn’t bad … Darrell Arthur reminded everybody he’s still in the NBA, getting 22 points for the Grizzlies against the Knicks, while Hasheem Thabeet had six points, six boards and one block in 22 minutes. Jordan Hill had 13 points and eight boards in his debut, but did you see who else is on the Knicks’ roster? Nikoloz Tskitishvili. Wherever they unearthed that guy from, Skita (12 pts, 3 blks) still looks lost half the time … Another random sighting: David Harrison on the Cavs summer squad … James Harden put up 23 points, five boards, five dimes and two steals against the Lakers, who got the win behind Adam Morrison‘s 17 points … Spurs perma-project Ian Mahimni posted a triple-double — 12 points, 16 rebounds, 10 fouls — against Denver. Coby Karl led the Nuggets with 19 points, and Ty Lawson added eight points (0-7 FG, 8-8 FT) and three assists …

Lamar Odom (photo. Tim Tadder)

Lamar Odom (photo. Tim Tadder)

A few days ago, Lamar Odom was supposed to be close to re-signing with the Lakers. Still no movement on that, and in fact, it’s being reported L.O. and L.A.’s negotiations have gone the other way and the Lakers have pulled their $9M-per-year offer off the table. In the meantime, Miami and Dallas are creeping into the picture … The Heat are also being mentioned as possible destinations for Carlos Boozer (via trade) and Allen Iverson (via free agency), which may or may not just be a tactic started in-house to make D-Wade more likely to sign an extension … The Suns bought out Ben Wallace‘s contract for $10 million of the original $14M, and now the Pistons are interested in bringing Wallace back. He would certainly be affordable at the veteran’s minimum, and the fans would love to see him back as a reminder of the good ol’ days, but does Big Ben really fill the holes left by Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace? … And the early favorite for “Most Pointless/Forgettable Trade of the Year” was completed yesterday: The Hawks sent David Andersen to Houston for a second-round pick, cash and “future considerations.” If you’ve never heard of Andersen, it’s because the Hawks drafted him in 2002 and he’s been in Australia and Europe ever since, apparently working on that Arvydas Sabonis career track. So is this the Rockets’ way of addressing the Yao Ming situation, or did the Hawks suddenly decide they really needed a second-round pick for when Jon Scheyer becomes available? And what are these “future considerations”? If Rick Sund calls up Daryl Morey a year from now like, “Hey, I know what I want now,” will Morey even remember what he’s talking about? … We’re out like Skita …


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