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Wolves still working on Rubio in ’09, plus Shaq needs a new hobby

By 07.21.09
Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio

There’s only one reason why yesterday’s Wolves/Clippers trade — the one sending Quentin Richardson to Minnesota for Sebastian Telfair, Craig Smith and Mark Madsen — means anything to Wolves fans: It’s yet another reason to believe Ricky Rubio is walking through that door sooner than anyone expected. Wolves GM David Kahn is in Spain this week to sit down with Rubio’s camp and talk about that contract buyout, and then yesterday it was reported that Rubio’s Spanish squad signed another point guard (Kristaps Valters, who may or may not be the Latvian Goran Dragic), perhaps indicating they may be ready to lose Rubio. With the Q-Rich trade (3-for-1), Minnesota not only gets Bassy out of the PG picture, but they also open up a roster spot for Rubio … (About that buyout: Since the NBA team can technically only pay a small portion, can’t the Wolves convince one of Rubio’s endorsers to pay the $6M up front, then pay the endorsers back after going to court and reclaiming some of the $15M that Michael Olowokandi stole from them?) … So let’s say everything goes according to plan and Rubio comes to Minnesota for next season. Do you think they’ll actually start him and Jonny Flynn together? Will Flynn get traded? Will just one of them start (Kahn said Rubio will be the starting PG from Day One) while Q or Wayne Ellington plays the two? … Carlos Boozer is in full politician mode. Last week, in an interview with a Chicago radio station, Booz did the whole, “I’d LOVE to play for the Bulls” bit — then yesterday he was quoted by a Miami newspaper saying he’d LOVE to play for the Heat. “We love the palm trees, the laid-back attitude, the sun, quality of life,” Boozer said of the city where he keeps an offseason home. “It’s like paradise here, and I would love to be part of the Heat. They’re a very good team, and I’m real close to some of the guys.” Not saying he’s lying, but if Booz was interviewed by the Tel Aviv Quarterly right now, he’d probably go on and on about how psyched he’d be to play for Maccabi next to Marcus Fizer … In the meantime, Miami re-signed backup center Joel Anthony. He’s a couple of blocked shots and six fouls against the likes of Dwight Howard and Shaq, but there’s not much else to get excited about … Steve Nash agreed to a two-year, $22M extension that should keep him in Phoenix through 2012. But we have a feeling he’ll get traded before then; for whatever reason, we’d bet Nash definitely ends up playing for the Knicks before he’s done … The Pacers aren’t matching the Raptors’ offer sheet for Jarrett Jack (4 yrs, $20M), meaning T.J. Ford‘s life just got easier only having to keep Earl Watson off his back for Indiana’s starting job, and Jose Calderon‘s life just got tougher. What’s the over/under on the number of times a drunk Raptors fan will start booing and cursing at Jack after looking at his face and thinking he’s Vince Carter? … Serious question for the readers: Who among you thinks Kenny Mayne is funny? And if you’re in that group, can you please tell us what we’re missing? Thanks … Shaq continues to act like a retired athlete, even though he’s not retired yet. First it was that Fat Camp show, now it’s a new reality show where Shaq is going up against other superstar athletes in their chosen sports (i.e., swimming with Michael Phelps, batting cages with Albert Pujols, eating shrimp with Joey Chestnut, playing Groupie D*** Roulette with Ray J, etc.). Just think, when Shaq actually doesn’t have anything to do one of these days, it’s gonna get ugly. Somebody should just stick him, Kathy Griffin, Hulk Hogan and New York in a big house and tell them there are cameras on when there really aren’t … Yesterday was a big day for the Dime crew, as we unveiled the digital version of Dime #50, available on newsstands now. Derrick Rose graces the cover of what we see as part celebration of our eight years in the game, and part looking ahead to the future. One of the features inside the mag is our ranking of the Top 50 sneaker stores in the world. (The WORLD, Craig!) Starting today, we’ll be highlight a few of those stores each day on, so be on the lookout … We’re out like Q’s next apartment …


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