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Does anybody want David Lee?

By 08.18.09
David Lee

David Lee

Thank Oscar that the program directors at NBA TV decided to start showing some of the best games from the ’08-09 season in neat little one-hour increments this week, otherwise the general inactivity these days would draw a basketball fan stir crazy … The NBA free agent landscape is like combing through the used CD rack at a store that’s already been raided by the broke college students: There’s still some interesting, slightly attractive product, but nothing too great. Case in point: The most intense “bidding war” lately has been over C.J. Watson — a second or third-string PG on most teams — and that just ended since the Magic pulled out of negotiations and it’s looking like C.J. is headed back to the Warriors … Meanwhile, David Lee is the biggest name left on the board that anybody seems to want (sorry, A.I.). Lee told an New York paper that he and the Knicks, “agreed on what I thought I was worth,” but the Knicks don’t want to do anything to jeopardize their 2010 free agency plans, so he’s either gonna sign with them for one year or a sign-and-trade will be worked out … We understand the Knicks’ train of thought, but you have to have SOME decent players on the roster if you’re gonna attract a LeBron or D-Wade next summer. Right now the only Knicks under contract for 2010-11 would be Eddy Curry and Jared Jeffries (unless for some reason they don’t cash in on their player options), and Jordan Hill and Toney Douglas (and Ricky Rubio?) … Most of the teams who can have afford what we’d imagine Lee thinks he’s worth are done for the offseason. Is there any chance of working something out with Utah? They want to get rid of Carlos Boozer, who would only be on New York’s books for one year, and he’d be the low-post scoring threat the Knicks don’t have. Lee works as a third big man behind Mehmet Okur and Paul Millsap; he’s not necessarily a guy who has to be a starter on a playoff team anyway … The Bucks sent Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems to the Raptors for Carlos Delfino and Roko Ukic. Johnson was on the verge of becoming the worst starter in the NBA before Hakim Warrick‘s arrival in Milwaukee made him expendable, but we’re not sure why the Bucks needed another PG in Ukic and a below-average wing in Delfino … The comment of the day came from that “Worst Starter” post. Reader Seven Duece wrote: “That a living person could play worse than Eddy Curry is hard to fathom. Dampier sucks because he doesn’t have the talent. Eddy just wants to eat. us. all.” … Summer is apparently the time for NBA lawsuits. Over the weekend we told you about O.J. Mayo getting sued for allegedly not paying for $150,000 worth of jewelry, and today it’s Carmelo Anthony suing a former business manager who bilked him out of $2 million. According to the suit, the ex-manager used $1.75M of Carmelo’s money to start a business in 2008 without his client’s knowledge, and the other $250,000 was used to make investments that ‘Melo also didn’t know about. Who would’ve thought you’d run across such slimy people in the basketball industry? … By now you may have heard about Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable punching one of his assistants and breaking the dude’s jaw. If there’s one NBA coach you could see doing something like that, who would it be? Honestly, we wouldn’t be shocked if Scott Skiles decked somebody one day. And if Latrell Sprewell got suspended for 70-something games for getting physical with a coach, how long would a coach get suspended for f*cking up another coach or a player? … We’re out like Delfino …


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