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One more impact player available for an NBA championship run

By 08.29.09
Either of them have room for S-Jack?

Either of them have room for S-Jack?

Just when you thought the serious NBA title contenders were done making moves for the summer, a potential game-changer may have just hit the market. No, it’s not Allen Iverson. In an interview with Dime’s Gerald Narciso yesterday, Stephen Jackson revealed he wants to be traded from Golden State, specifically mentioning the Cavs and indirectly mentioning the Spurs as two teams on his wish list. Here’s the thing, though: Jackson isn’t in any position to call the shots here. Remember, just last year he signed a contract extension that has him getting paid $10 million in 2012-13, when he’ll be 35 years old. The Cavs, Spurs, Celtics, Heat and a couple other playoff teams could use Captain Jack right now (Michael Beasley as trade bait?), but that contract looks like one that’s headed for the Knicks, if anywhere. (Oh wait, Isiah isn’t running that show anymore.) … Speaking of Iverson, straight from the Talking Reckless Files, ex-Sixers GM Billy King went in on his former nemesis/life-saver. Among other things, King told the Charlotte Observer that A.I., “never made the people around him better in the first place, because it’s always about Allen.” You can read the rest here. First of all, for whatever headaches A.I. may have caused King, he was also responsible for King being employed as long as he was. By carrying the crappy rosters King put together to the playoffs year after year, A.I. actually hurt his own chances at a championship because he prevented his GM from getting fired earlier … We’re not surprised, though; we knew it was a bad idea to let King talk in public when he first started popping up on NBA TV last year. That was a laugher right up there with ESPN hiring Matt Millen to help their NFL coverage. Seriously, if you were trying to be the foremost TV network covering hip-hop, and you could likely hire any ex-rapper who wants to get into TV work, would you choose to bring in Magoo, Pras and Skee-Lo? … J.R. Smith (7 games) and Jason Richardson (2 games) were each suspended by the NBA for the beginning of next season, stemming from their respective legal troubles. J-Rich pleaded guilty to DUI months ago — a case that was mostly overshadowed because Charles Barkley just happened to get in trouble chasing BJ McKie at the same time in the same city — while J.R.’s suspension stems from the ’07 auto accident in which J.R.’s friend was killed. Considering NFL receiver Donte Stallworth was suspended for an entire season due to his role in a fatal auto accident, do you think J.R.’s punishment was too light? … We can’t remember a role player being so publicly pissed off about being traded as Courtney Lee. Ever since Lee was shipped from Orlando to New Jersey as part of the Vince Carter deal, we’ve heard 3-4 times from either Lee or his buddy Dwight Howard speaking on his behalf about how upset and hurt Lee was over the trade. “I just hope [Orlando] will be happy for me when I grow into the player that they wish they had,” was the latest from CL Smooth. “I’d like them to one day say ‘I wish we would have kept him.'” Unless this is just a healthy bit of motivation, the kid needs to chill out. And realize that if it came down to you or Vince Carter, they’re gonna take Vince 10 times out of 10. Go talk to Quentin Richardson or Chris Gatling about stability in the NBA … Dime’s Austin Burton thinks Michael Jordan is overrated, although AB still thinks MJ is the No. 1 player of all-time. How’s that work? See for yourself … Notable stat lines from the FIBA Americas tournament: Leandro Barbosa scored 21 and Anderson Varejao had 19 points and nine boards in Brazil’s win over Argentina, whose only double-digit scorer was Luis Scola (19 pts); Walter Hodge put up 18 points and three steals, but it wasn’t enough to get the Virgin Islands past Canada; Carlos Arroyo posted 18 points and six dimes to lead Puerto Rico over Uruguay; and Greivis Vasquez had 17 points, five assists and two steals for Venezuela, but they lost to Panama … We’re out like Gatling …


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