“Jet” landing on Detroit’s head; Kobe Bryant owns Sin City

By 10.16.09
Jason Terry

Jason Terry

Whether you’re spending your valuable TV time or your valuable ticket money, when you settle in to watch an NBA preseason game, you hope everybody — or at least somebody — on the court treats it like Jason Terry did last night. In the Mavs/Pistons game that aired on NBA TV, Terry almost had you thinking something important was at stake. It seemed at every dead ball he was trying to hype up the Dallas crowd, raising his arms and screaming or doing his little “Jet” dance, and then between the lines he was locked in like it was a playoff game. Terry dropped 21 points (in just 23 minutes) on 8-of-10 shooting plus four threes in a Mavs’ blowout. Dirk Nowitzki scored 15, and Drew Gooden added 16 points and seven boards … Dime’s ranking of the NBA’s 30 go-to guys is down to the Top 10. Back when it began, Rip Hamilton was pegged as Detroit’s go-to guy going into this season, but from what was on display yesterday, it looks like Rodney Stuckey (20 pts, 5 asts) is the The Man now. He visibly has more confidence in his jump shot, he can still abuse guys off the dribble, and when Detroit has him on the court with Will Bynum playing point guard, Stuckey can post up his man and get buckets from there. Stuck has some gunner tendencies, but he was killing J.J. Barea whenever they were matched up … Rip (9 pts, 4-10 FG) has something weird going on with his head. Most of his hair is shaved off, except for some weird patch in the back that Drew Gooden wouldn’t even be proud of. After staring at it all night, we still can’t tell if it’s supposed to be a star or what … Bad sequence for Dallas’ Kris Humphries: On one end he got the ball wide-open under the rim and missed a bunny, then on the next play, Stuckey dunked on him without even seeming like he really tried. Humphries isn’t bad, though: He looks like what would’ve happened if A.C. Slater (the Jim Thorpe of Bayside High School) had made it to the League … There was a Jake Voskuhl sighting — made better by one of our boys e-mailing that he saw Jake and thought Evan Eschmeyer had made a comeback … Whenever you see Kobe playing on UNLV’s court, don’t you automatically think back to when Young Mamba put Ben Wallace on a poster before anybody really knew who Ben Wallace was? Last night Grizzled Vet Mamba returned to the scene of that crime and notched an easy 18 points and four steals in a win over the Kings, while Andrew Bynum had 24 points and eight boards and Ron Artest had seven points and seven rebounds in front of a Vegas crowd that included Floyd Mayweather Jr. Tyreke Evans put up 13 points, eight rebounds, nine assists and three steals for Sacto, and Jason Thompson added 19 points and 14 rebounds … T-Mac sat on the bench for the first half of Rockets/Raptors (do the Toronto fans still boo him, too?), but didn’t show for the second. He wasn’t needed. Shane Battier put on the Iron Man scope and knocked down eight threes (26 pts) in the Houston win. Trevor Ariza added 18 points and three triples, while Chris Bosh scored 13 and Hedo Turkoglu had nine points and five assists … In front of a Kansas City crown that showed love for Mario Chalmers and Julian Wright (Jayhawks) and Michael Beasley (K-State), the Heat knocked off the Hornets. Beasley put up 11 points and 11 boards, D-Wade had 14 and six dimes, and Chalmers finished with 10 points, five boards and five assists. Wright posted 12 points and nine boards in the loss, while Chris Paul had a quiet six points and seven assists … Keep reminding yourself it’s just preseason, but Peja Stojakovic has been stinking it up. Last night he was 0-for-7 from the field, including bricks on all five of his three-point tries, dropping his numbers to 17% from the field — yes, SEVENTEEN percent — and 22 percent from long range in the exhibitions. Forget developing Wright into the SF of the future; if Peja’s struggles have anything to do with him coming off the bench, Byron Scott needs to put him back in the starting lineup before it’s too late. (Anyone else find it strange that NBA.com’s bio pic of Peja is one from some All-Star Game ages ago when he was still good? Is that some pissed-off Pacers fan’s idea of a joke? … Mehmet Okur‘s shots are dropping; he hit a pair of threes on his way to 15 points to help the Jazz top the Blazers. Deron Williams added 10 points, seven rebounds and seven assists, and rookie PG Eric Maynor slapped up 14, five dimes and two steals. Great quote by Jerry Sloan about Maynor: “He doesn’t look like he’s strong enough to hold down his breakfast. He’s got a little more toughness than what he looks at times.” … Steve Blake got the start for Portland at PG, hitting five threes and scoring 19 points with three assists in 22 minutes, while Andre Miller had 13 points and four dimes in 21 minutes. Whoever wins that job, how far do you think the Blazers can go this year? Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and crew were the subject of yesterday’s Dime season preview. They’ve got talent at every position, a legit superstar in B-Roy, and a solid 4/5 combo in LaMarcus and Greg Oden. The Blazers can score and defend, but they don’t have many shooters. Too bad they missed their window with THIS GUY … We’re out like Eschmeyer …


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