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Game of the Weak

By 12.13.09
Tyler Hansbrough (photo. Nicky Woo)

Tyler Hansbrough (photo. Nicky Woo)

Saturday’s NBA schedule featured one double-overtime game, one single-overtime game, the League’s best team having its 11-game win streak snapped, a matchup of probably the 2nd and 3rd-best teams in the West that included a huge comeback, and a rematch of 2009’s most exciting playoff series. So what was the best game of the night? Pacers vs. Wizards, naturally … With Indiana minus Danny Granger (foot), Washington’s Big Three finally playing like All-Stars simultaneously, and Earl Boykins killing it in crunch time, this should have been easy. Boykins’ jumper with 1:20 left in the fourth put Washington up six, but Tyler Hansbrough — who was a beast down the stretch — responded with an acrobatic layup and a dunk to keep it close. With 23 seconds left, Boykins hit a sick turnaround over T.J. Ford (it was like watching two middle-schoolers pretend to be Jordan and Bryon Russell) that put the Wiz up four. Hansbrough (19 pts) split a pair of free throws, and Antawn Jamison (31 pts) fouled Mike Dunleavy Jr. on the rebound, so Dunleavy added two more freebies. Down by one, the Pacers let a lot of time go while not fouling Caron Butler (23 pts) and finally fouling Gilbert Arenas. That decision paid off, as Gilbert (22 pts, 10 rebs, 11 asts) bricked both FT’s with six seconds left. Ford ran coast-to-coast and missed a layup, but Washington knocked the ball out with 0.5 remaining. All Indiana could do was hope for a tip-in on the inbound, but what they got was Brendan Haywood fouling Dunleavy at the buzzer. After a long review, the refs put Dunleavy at the line with 0.1 on the clock. He made both, and the Pacers ran out of D.C. with a stolen win. Between this and letting that Celtics game slip away the other night, the Wizards must feel cursed. If this were NBA Live they’d have hit “Reset” on the season by now … No matter how well the Jazz played through the first three quarters of last night’s game against the Lakers, nobody would care unless they could make it through the fourth without laying a gigantic dump on the gym floor. With L.A. playing on the road for the first time in forever, Utah outgunned them start to finish; leading by double-digits in the third quarter and not stepping off the gas in the fourth, and this time it was the Lakers who couldn’t buy a bucket … Kobe went 7-of-24 (16 pts), but obviously he had an easy excuse, seeing as his right hand looks like he’s been juggling firecrackers. Meanwhile, Deron Williams (21 pts, 11 asts) went into “We are NOT losing this game” mode and taking over in the clutch … The Nuggets were down by 17 to Phoenix in the second half before Chauncey Billups (24 pts, 8 asts) put on his Iron Man shoulder scope and started shooting Steve Nash‘s face off (and then Jared Dudley after he took a turn). Denver went ahead late in the fourth, and led by two in the final seconds when Nash got a step on Nene and had a good look at a lefty layup before Nene grabbed his arm to force a miss. No whistle. Alvin Gentry went bonkers and got ejected, allowing Denver to close it out at the line …

Brandon Jennings (photo. Nicky Woo)

Brandon Jennings (photo. Nicky Woo)

Blazers/Bucks went to double-overtime as Brandon Jennings and Brandon Roy traded clutch buckets and Portland showed further signs that injuries are catching up to them. The Blazers led by six in the first OT after LaMarcus Aldridge (31 pts, 11 rebs) started dunking on everybody in his path, but then Luke Ridnour took over. Seriously. On the night when Michael Redd returned to Milwaukee’s lineup, Ridnour (20 pts) was taking his minutes at two-guard , getting the Bucks back in it during the first overtime and hitting some buckets in the second extra frame as the Blazers got tired and ran out of gas … Mavs/Bobcats went to overtime, which belonged to Dirk Nowitzki (36 pts, 14-34 FG). Scoring 12 of Dallas’ last 14 points in regulation, Dirk hit a J on Boris Diaw with 10 seconds left to force OT; then in the final seconds of the extra frame he hit a go-ahead bucket over Diaw, and the game-winner when he drove left and gave Diaw another short pull-up jumper. Why didn’t Larry Brown have Gerald Wallace guard Dirk down the stretch? Or why not at least give Diaw some double-team help and force somebody else to beat you? … Other stat lines from Saturday: Rodney Stuckey scored 29 points to lead the Pistons past the Warriors; Jason Thompson posted 23 points and 12 boards in Sacramento’s win over the Wolves; and Rajon Rondo had 16 points and 14 dimes as the Celtics 20-pieced the Bulls … Chicago’s announcers had a discussion about Rasheed Wallace that went something like this: “He doesn’t look like he’s in great shape, but he looks better than he did the last time we saw him.” “Rasheed’s a vet, though, he’ll get it together when he has to.” “The Celtics are confident he’ll be in shape come playoff time.” Why does ‘Sheed have leeway to come into the season out of shape and then take 7-8 months during the season to get in shape? If this was Eddy Curry or Sean May or somebody else, they’d be getting killed for being undisciplined, but with ‘Sheed apparently it’s OK … Did you see B.J. Penn annihilate Diego Sanchez at UFC 107? The whole fight was basically Sanchez looking for an angle to get Penn on the mat, while Penn peppered Sanchez with punches. Penn nearly knocked him out in the first round, and by the third, Sanchez’s bottom lip was almost falling off his face. In the fifth, Penn caught Sanchez with kick to the forehead that opened up one of the worst cuts you’ll ever see in a fight. You could’ve fit a finger or two inside this thing. It was gross. The doctor stopped it immediately as Sanchez’s face looked like a pizza … We’re out like ‘Sheed’s conditioning …


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