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The Big Three. Or Six. Or Eight…

By 12.04.09
Kevin Garnett, Dime #30

Kevin Garnett, Dime #30

When Kevin Garnett was traded to the Celtics, we all imagined the hypothetical Finals series between Boston and San Antonio and would it would mean for the legacies of KG and Tim Duncan. Two of the game’s five greatest power forwards came up in the same era, but because KG’s supporting cast was consistently so much worse than Duncan’s, we never got a real look at what would happen if they met on a really big stage. And even after KG got to Boston, those big-time matchups never seemed to materialize due to injuries and what-not. Last night we finally got to see what a Celtics/Spurs NBA Finals might feel like — and neither KG or TD was even the best power forward on the court … Granted, it’s easy to catch Earl Boykins Syndrome when it comes to DeJuan Blair: He’s such a feel-good story who you want to succeed, he can put up eight points and five boards and it feels like he posted 20 and 10. But last night the kid was seriously playing out of his mind. While the Celtics had the lead from start to finish, Blair (18 pts, 11 rebs) was the main reason San Antonio was able to keep it close right down to the end. Blair scored eight straight during a fourth-quarter run that might have won the game for the Spurs had Richard Jefferson or Roger Mason been able to make anything … As for KG and Duncan, they played something like a throwback game. Garnett (20 pts, 7 rebs, 5 asts) was showing range on his jumper and getting elevation on alley-oops, while Duncan (16 pts, 15 rebs) was scoring off the dribble (seriously) and blocking shots when he was the only guy back on a 2-on-1 break. Late in the third, Garnett caught a lob over two defenders and laid it in for an and-one. KG sat on the floor and pounded his chest so hard it would have killed Aaron Brooks, yelling something like, “That’s it, motherf***er!!” … What was Blair doing “guarding” Rasheed Wallace by giving him 12 feet of open space with ‘Sheed at the three-point line? It wasn’t just once; Blair did it like 3-4 times. After banging one trey, ‘Sheed told the rookie he can’t leave him open like that, only his version involved more cussing … Your weekly gem from Reggie Miller: He talked about the Spurs “three main stars,” then listed Duncan, Tony Parker and Jefferson. Would RJ even rank himself ahead of Manu Ginobili? … Hopefully you got to enjoy the glorious few minutes where Matt Bonner and Brian Scalabrine were guarding each other. It was like Face/Off 2K10 edited for ABC Family … D-Wade‘s stat line (25 pts, 10 rebs) didn’t even convey how much he struggled against the Nuggets and how thoroughly the Heat got their butts kicked. Wade had never won a game in Denver in his pro career before last night, and the streak continued as he couldn’t buy a jumper and had Arron Afflalo in his shirt all night … You might have noticed Carmelo (22 pts) run immediately from the court to the locker room when George Karl took him out in the fourth. Asked about it post-game, ‘Melo said, “I’ve got Kaopectate in my hand. You guys do the math.” Tee-Em-Eye … Against the one team (Houston) that doesn’t have a big man for whom you could pencil in a career night, the Warriors still lost in Nellie‘s return to the bench. Undersized as they want to be, though, the Rockets all looked like they’d just graduated from Dikembe Mutombo Academy, blocking 13 shots in the game. Shane Battier had six blocks, Carl Landry swatted three to go with 22 points and nine boards, and 6-foot-nothin’ Kyle Lowry had maybe the block of the year when he tracked down C.J. Watson and volleyballed his layup from the rim to the frank man … Lowry and Anthony Morrow traded clutch buckets in the final minute, then Brooks (25 pts, 7 asts) hit the free throws with two seconds left that won it … Although they looked kind of high school-ish, the Warriors’ yellow “San Francisco” unis weren’t bad … Did you see the finish of Texas Tech vs. Washington? Tied up with four seconds left, Elston Turner Jr. (son of the Rockets assistant) bricked two free throws for UW, and Mike Singletary (no relation to the football coach) took it end-to-end and hit a running three at the buzzer. Tech’s crowd lost their collective mind and stormed the court, and even Bob Knight cracked a smile up in the luxury box. HOWEVER, the refs looked at the shot again, and after a long review, determined Singletary hadn’t gotten it off in time. They had to clear the court and re-buff the floor to play overtime, in which Texas Tech won and the crowd was able to storm the court again … We’re out like Veal vs. Red Rocket …


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