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Nate Dogg Does It Again

By 02.14.10

Nate Robinson, Dime #46

Other than Nate Robinson making history as the first three-time champion, there really wasn’t anything memorable about last night’s NBA All-Star dunk contest. It was like one of those comedy movies that’s funny enough to get the job done while you’re in the theater, but 30 minutes after you leave you can’t remember any of the jokes … If there was a signature dunk from Nate, it was probably his last one in the finals, when he threw it off the glass and did a reverse jackknife, then went over to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and danced with their pom-poms. Beyond that, Nate’s two-hand windmills and pump-handle dunks — he did everything off a lob — just wasn’t anything to knock you off your feet. Then he had the nerve to blame Spud Webb for the admittedly sub-par show, since Spud had suggested Nate not use any props … DeMar DeRozan finished second. His best dunk was in the first round, when Sonny Weems threw him a lob off the side of the backboard and DeRozan finished with a windmill. That got the biggest crowd reaction of any dunk all night in an otherwise dead arena. (As Reggie Miller said, “Now we’re off the No-Doze!”) Shannon Brown‘s dunk where he took off from the dotted line and switched from his right hand to his left in mid-air was underrated if you ask us, but he was largely a disappointment, and Gerald Wallace might as well have given up his spot to the Phoenix Suns’ gorilla … We don’t want to jump the gun and claim the dunk contest is dead and the NBA needs to change the whole format, but we have some suggestions for next year: Bring in six dunkers, scrap the text voting (it takes away all the drama when we can’t see scores for the final-round dunks), and whatever it takes, get LeBron in the contest … Nice touch including former Mavericks as judges — Mark Aguirre, Rolando Blackman and Derek Harper were at the table next to Dominique Wilkins and Spud — but what about Shawn Bradley? He’s as much an expert on NBA dunks as anybody … Before his first dunk, Nate made sure everybody saw him eating some kind of power bar, then he held the wrapper up for the camera. Very subtle marketing … One question we need answered: What was DJ Mbenga doing there in uniform? We’re guessing Shannon had something planned for the finals where he was gonna jump over him. But damn, he couldn’t use Josh Powell? Like Mbenga hasn’t been dunked on enough? … Mr. 720 presented Nate with the trophy, as Kenny Smith erroneously called him a “D-Leaguer” (he’s in the ABA) and said somebody in the NBA needs to sign him next year so he can be in the contest. 720 is our boy, but he’s 6-2 and has a small forward’s game. Probably not gonna happen for him …

Pierce talkin' reckless...

If there was anything memorable about All-Star Saturday Night, it was the outfits of the guys who weren’t participating. One of our boys took one look at Dwight Howard‘s yellow Mr. Rogers sweater and said, “That’s the biggest sweater I’ve ever seen.” Darryl Dawkins‘ suit looked like a set of Grandmama’s good dishes, D-Wade had his usual cool-nerd thing going, Arnold Schwarzenegger had some crazy cowboy boots on, and James Harden looked like Teen Wolf with his letterman’s jacket and Bin Laden beard … Paul Pierce won the Three-Point Shootout, beating Stephen Curry and Chauncey Billups in the finals, then saying, “I think I’m one of the better shooters in NBA history.” … Hopping a flight to Dallas right after taking part in the Olympics opening ceremony in Vancouver, Steve Nash took the Skills Challenge by beating Deron Williams in the final. Russell Westbrook replaced Derrick Rose, who pulled out with a hip injury … And Team Texas — Dirk Nowitzki, Kenny Smith and Becky Hammon — won the Shooting Stars competition. For the future, though, Kenny needs to take a hint from Chris Webber: Sweatpants never offend anybody … In case you missed it, the Wizards and Mavs pulled off a 7-player trade: Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and DeShawn Stevenson to Dallas for Josh Howard, Drew Gooden, James Singleton and Quinton Ross. Great move for the Mavs and for Caron, an upgrade over Howard whose talents were being wasted in Washington. Haywood and Erick Dampier give the Mavs a solid 1-2 combo at center (Haywood is longer and a better defender than Gooden), and Stevenson can help the perimeter defense so long as he doesn’t immediately get on Rick Carlisle‘s bad side. What do you think of the deal? … We’re out like Channing …


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