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Carmelo Anthony trade rumors now include Andre Iguodala

By 09.27.10
Carmelo Anthony, Dime #53

Carmelo Anthony, Dime #53

Last call for last-minute entries into the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes. While the NBA world waits to see if the Nuggets pull the trigger on the four-team deal that would send ‘Melo to the Nets, at least one new team is getting into the mix. The Sixers have reportedly pitched a scenario where Andre Iguodala would go to Denver as part of a package for ‘Melo … Philly has never been on any of Anthony’s wish lists, but he could do a lot worse in finding a new home. It’s a major East Coast media market, it’s not that far from NYC, and the Sixers’ future prospects are looking good. Elton Brand‘s contract is the only real terrible one on the books, so Philly could conceivably make a run at Chris Paul or Tony Parker or whoever else they need to become a contender down the road … Kobe allegedly gave ‘Melo some advice over the weekend, telling him not to force just any trade just to get out of Denver, but to make sure it’s really a good move for him. We know Kobe is a competitor and everything, but you’d think with the chance to get ‘Melo out of the West, Kobe would be like, “Yeah man, you gotta leave. Whatever it takes. They’re not treating you right, bro.” … And before any crazy L.A. fans start swearing Kobe would never do that and Kobe relishes all challenges, remember that Kobe would rather have Ron Artest on his side than against him … We feel like we’ve read like 37 “Al Jefferson is SO happy in Utah” stories this summer, but the Salt Lake Tribune had a particularly good one yesterday. Quote from Big Al: “I don’t do the nightlife no more. I’m not going to be the type of guy who’s going to go out and club all the time. I’m focused. And I’m here to work, and I’m here to win.” Easy to say when you live in Utah. Hence the challenge for a guy like Blake Griffin, who has every bit of talent (and then some) to be a 20-and-10 beast like Jefferson, but he’s also got to deal with the temptations of living in L.A. … If you’re the Cavs, who makes more sense to start at small forward: Jamario Moon, Jawad Williams, or Joey Graham? Or do you go with option “D” and give LeBron James Jr. a jersey? The kid is only like 6, but he could be a talent … LeBron Sr. was at the Dolphins/Jets game in Miami last night. Watching Brandon Marshall dominate at WR it’d be easy to re-start the “Could LBJ play pro football?” debate, but we have a different question: With the NFL considering an 18-game regular season schedule, do you think the NBA’s 82-game slate is too long, too short, or fine like it is? … We’re out like Jamario on the All-Star ballot …


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