Cole World: My First Christmas as an NBA Player

By: 12.22.10

Cole (#45) and Nenad Krstic

When we’re on the road, personally I like to get out of my hotel room and find a sit-down place to eat. It can be any type of restaurant, whether it’s pasta or steak and potatoes. Usually a few guys will go with each other. The cool thing is having a few older guys on our team, they’ve been to these cities a number of times so they know the real good places to eat.

When I have free time at home between practices, games and working out, I’m playing a lot of Call of Duty at the house. It’s fun, but it’s terribly addicting.

So my parents are coming down this week for Christmas, my Dad’s birthday is December 31st, and my parents’ anniversary is on the 30th. And my girlfriend is coming in for a few days, too. So it’s kind of a crazy month for me. I’m excited, though. Holiday time is always really fun and it’s just about being a family. But it is a little weird because this will be my first Christmas without snow.

I’m buying presents for my parents, my older brother, my two best friends, my girlfriend and we’re doing a Secret Santa for the team. We drew names out of a hat and you have to get something for whoever you picked. We didn’t have a price limit; it’s just kind of whatever you feel comfortable with spending.

I sure hope people aren’t expecting me to get them some crazy gifts, because I’m cheap. I’ll get ’em something nice, but nothing over the top. But I think everybody that’s close to me, they know that about me. If they want a car or something like that for Christmas, they’re talking to the wrong person.

What do I want for Christmas? I don’t even know. I told everybody just to get me something you think I’d need. I have a lot of electronics and what-not. I guess some movies and things I can use around the house.

But the biggest difference with this Christmas is that we’re playing. We have a game against Denver at home. It’s pretty cool because when you think of Thanksgiving you think of everybody sitting around watching football, so now on Christmas a lot of people will be watching basketball and we’ll be one of those teams.

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