2011 NBA Draft Fun Facts

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Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer Fredette

The NBA Draft is full of characters. Of course, you wouldn’t know it unless the NBA media people dug deep enough to find out all those little tidbits about each and every player.

After all, when players are drafted, where do you think Stuart Scott gets his random lines that awkwardly end each interview segment? The NBA Draft Media Guide, of course. So to study up for tonight, here’s a spoiler to Stuart’s wacky facts.

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Marshon Brooks, Providence

“Lists his favorite athlete as Kobe Bryant and his biggest thrill in sports as when the Lakers guard scored 81 points vs. the Raptors.”

And all Marshon did this season was drop 52 points on Notre Dame. I bet he was thinking of his idol the whole time.

Bill Clark, Duquesne

“Took graduate level classes in the sports leadership program as a senior.”

Because leading his basketball team in scoring and drawn charges wasn’t enough leading.

Jimmer Fredette, BYU

“As a teenager, visited correctional facilities through a recreational program in upstate New York and played basketball against the inmates.”

Maybe you’ve heard this story before, but I can’t get over how such a “recreational program” exists. You know what’s fun, kids? Prison ball!

Josh Harrellson, Kentucky

“Lists his favorite athlete as Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard.”

A fitting choice considering their similar athletic capabilities. Sarcasm aside, you see a little Dwight in Josh’s motor.

Brandon Knight, Kentucky

“Held a 4.3 GPA in high school.”

As Fabolous would say, “Niccce.”

Jon Leuer, Wisconsin

“Entered high school as a guard, but after a 10-inch growth spurt before senior year, moved to the post.”

High school basketball, where roster shake-ups without actually shaking up rosters happens.

Lucas Nogueira, Brazil

“Nicknamed ‘Bebê Gigant’ in Brazil, meaning ‘Baby Giant,’ or ‘Bebê’ for short. Began playing basketball at the age of 14 when he stood 6-4.”

Enough said. He is now a 7-footer, by the way.

Chandler Parsons, Florida

“Graduated with a degree in Telecommunications.”

Let’s go ahead and nickname him “The Cable Guy.”

Isaiah Thomas, Washington

“Named after former NBA star Isiah Thomas after his father lost a wager on a Lakers-Pistons game.”


Derrick Williams, Arizona

“Enjoys the beach, music and watching ‘classic’ television like the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air.'”

Doesn’t this make you feel old?

What’s your favorite fun fact about an NBA draftee?

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