The Contract Every NBA Team Wishes It Could Void

By: 03.24.11  •  17 Comments


Cleveland Cavaliers: Baron Davis

The Cavs essentially bought a Lottery pick in this year’s NBA Draft by taking on Davis’ contract from the Clippers in addition to their first rounder this year. He clearly has no future in Cleveland as the Cavs are in a complete rebuilding mode, and Davis’s two years and $29 million left on his deal are not exactly conducive to that effort.

Detroit Pistons: Richard Hamilton

This one is fairly obvious. Rip was once a cornerstone of the Pistons franchise, but now Hamilton has fallen deeply out of favor with management. Coach John Kuester benched him for a month earlier in the season, and Hamilton led a supposed player boycott of a team shootaround. Additionally, with Bill Davidson‘s widow trying to sell the team, Hamilton’s $25 million over the next two years won’t help attract any suitors.

Indiana Pacers: James Posey

Posey is one of those players who is a great role player on a very good team like he was in 2008 with the Celtics. However, on a mediocre team like the Pacers, Posey is not necessarily an ideal fit. With loads of wing talent in Danny Granger, Paul George, Brandon Rush and possibly Lance Stephenson, the Pacers would do well to void Posey’s last year at $6.9 million.

Milwaukee Bucks: Corey Maggette

The Bucks acquired Maggette in the offseason hoping he would boost their perimeter offense, but he hasn’t really fit in with the Bucks and is averaging only 13 points per game (while not playing much defense). For a player who is essentially one-dimensional like Maggette is, he needs to be scoring much more than that, and the Bucks could do well without his $10 million in salary over each of the next two years.

Chicago Bulls: Carlos Boozer

Even though the Bulls just signed Boozer, this is the one contract they probably would like to void because they really don’t have many bad contracts. When healthy, Boozer is the ideal pick-and-roll partner for Derrick Rose, and capable of being a 20-10 guy every night. The only problem is Boozer is frequently injured, and has missed 23 games already this season. So with four years left on his maximum deal, how healthy will he be going forward?

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