The Contract Every NBA Team Wishes It Could Void

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Phoenix Suns: Josh Childress

The Suns gave Childress a big contract this summer to get him to return to the U.S. from Greece, and so far that investment has not paid off. Childress is averaging under five points a game and playing behind Grant Hill, Jared Dudley and Mickael Pietrus in Phoenix. With a little under $7 million per year remaining on the last four years of his contract, Phoenix would love this contract to go away.

Los Angeles Lakers: Ron Artest

Artest helped the Lakers win the NBA Championship last season, and has played well during his time in L.A., but he remains an incredibly eccentric and unpredictable personality. This was evidenced when he sprayed Lamar Odom‘s cologne on a reporter after a Lakers loss to the Bobcats. With three years at a little over $7 million per left on his deal, that is probably stretching the limits of how much more Kobe and Co. can take of Ron being Ron.

Los Angeles Clippers: Chris Kaman

Last year, Chris Kaman had a great season that went unnoticed by many because of the Clippers’ futility. This year, he has been injured for most of the season, and that has allowed DeAndre Jordan to emerge as a starting caliber center. Jordan is incredibly athletic and with the Clippers seeming to build their team around young, athletic types like Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon and Eric Bledsoe, Jordan seems like the better fit going forward.

Golden State Warriors: Andris Biedrins

When Biedrins signed his six-year, $62 million contract extension with the Warriors in 2008, it was thought to be somewhat of a bargain for a guy who consistently put up double-doubles. However, Biedrins has seen his production decline since then, missing most of last season with injury, and he is averaging only five points and seven rebounds this season. The Warriors would probably do best letting him loose and using David Lee, Louis Amundson and Ekpe Udoh at center moving forward.

Sacramento Kings: Francisco Garcia

With Marcus Thornton emerging as the shooting guard of the future for Sacramento since coming over from New Orleans, Garcia becomes a bit expendable. He is owed $12 million total for the next two seasons, but for a team going nowhere fast (except maybe Anaheim), that money could be better spent elsewhere like on signing Thornton to an extension since his contract expires after this season.

What contract do you wish your team could void?

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