In The Cards Starring Yuta Tabuse, Scot Pollard & Greg Ostertag

By: 05.31.11
Greg Ostertag

Greg Ostertag

2005-06 Topps ’52 Style Hardwood Classic Greg Ostertag Jersey Card

If you can think of a card that is radder than a Greg Ostertag jersey card (from his Sacramento tour of duty, no less), I’d like to know about it. Just look at that action shot. Observe his falcon eyes as he watches the cutters moving through the lane. Note his utter disdain for crouching. Study his perfect flat top, a microcosm of the man himself – square and powerful.

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Thanks for letting me share some of my weird treasures. If you like this kind of thing, let me hear you in the comments. If it’s not your thing, just bear with me – I’m hoping Topps will eventually send us some Bo Jacksons to replace the ones our Moms threw out.

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