In The Cards: Bill Simmons Edition

By: 06.27.11  •  2 Comments

Paul Pierce

2004-05 Skybox Hoops Supreme Court Paul Pierce Jersey Card

Supreme Court….Okay, Skybox. I see what you did there. (*crickets*) Props for the action shot of Paul Pierce running a ballhandling drill through the colonnade of the Capitol Building. It’s kind of the hoops version of Rocky Balboa sprinting up all those steps in Philly. I guess the Secret Service just backed off when they saw what The Truth was up to.

Here’s the more important issue: If you had to replace the actual Supreme Court with NBA players, who would you pick? Which nine men would you select to guide the course of our nation and counterbalance the executive and legislative branches?

Excluding foreign players (sorry, Nash), I would select Grant Hill, Shane Battier, Chris Bosh, Jason Kidd, J.J. Redick, Brandon Roy, Ray Allen, David Lee, and Tim Duncan as my Chief Justice. Is there any way that these nine guys wouldn’t get stuff done? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments – this could turn into its own column.

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