What School Is The New Point Guard U?

By: 07.28.11
Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook (photo. UCLA)

3. Kentucky

Wildcat PGs who made the NBA:
Brandon Knight
John Wall
Eric Bledsoe
Rajon Rondo

Rondo not counting, John Calipari single-handedly makes up for eight players in this list that includes of 29 total point guards, and he’s got the resume to prove that having elite point guards is a good idea if you want to win. Presuming he doesn’t give the NBA another try, Cal might bring Kentucky to No. 1 on this list in due time.

2. Memphis

Tiger PGs who made the NBA:
Tyreke Evans
Derrick Rose
Darius Washington
Antonio Burks
Dajuan Wagner

Quietly, the Memphis Tigers run out what could arguably be the most blatantly talented roster of point guards since the year 2000. While we’re not sure if Wagner and Evans are really point guards, they still get on the list because, like Arenas, they’ve played the position at one time or another.


Bruin PGs who made the NBA:
Malcolm Lee
Darren Collison
Jrue Holiday
Russell Westbrook
Jordan Farmar
Earl Watson

This is the oddest team that could be labeled Point Guard U, but it’s also the most talented. The two best pros on this list also had the most underwhelming college careers in Westwood. That’s because it’s hard to judge them in that respect because of how unimpressive Ben Howland‘s system can make individual players look on paper and in person. Once they go league, however, UCLA players generally blow up big-time.

Who do you think is the new Point Guard U?

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