The Honey Badgers: NBA JAM’s Secret Unlockable Team

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The Honey Badgers

Dime: Are there any other animals that we might be able to play as besides just the badger?
JA: Well there’s the mascots, so there are some animals involved there. And there may or may not be able some unlockable animals throughout the season, so you’ll definitely have to stay tuned and work on the game to unlock those.

Dime: What other secret unlockable teams are there in the game?
JA: We’re actually still in the process of ruling out what some of those unlockables are, but our goal was to make this is attractive as a game as possible to those who are not necessarily involved in basketball as it is to those who are. We wanted to reach out to the core EA gamers, not just the ones who play basketball, but who play a range of games. Or maybe those just looking for something that’s funny, unique and fun, and not necessarily a top name like a Shaquille O’Neal or a LeBron James.

Dime: What else do people have to look forward to in this new NBA JAM edition?
JA: Well, really on top of all the favorite moves — the dunks, the spins, and everything — we’ve really brought in a whole host of gameplay improvements. There’s the “tag” mode, which is the opportunity for you to play as each player on the court, meaning you can actually swap between teammates, set each other up, switch back from the front court to back court. There’s “team fire,” so if your team makes three alley-oops in a row, your whole team goes on fire for a limited amount of time. We’ve introduced “razzle-dazzle,” which you can see in some of our previous videos and in the honey badger video. It’s basically creating really funny moves like throwing the basketball up in the air and making a funny gesture or putting it behind your back for no reason. It’s just a way to create new shots for more excitement.

There’s also a mode called “road trip,” which is our campaign mode. You play against all 30 NBA teams with multiple challenges against their roster, and you progress on the challenges from bronze, silver, up to gold, as well as “arena” mode which is our new online play mode. So yeah, between all that, all the original classic play, there’s updated rosters with 50 NBA legends and 27 mascots, plus a host of secret teams which we’re just now starting to roll out. In a few weeks you’ll see another video come out which is very cool and unique which will showcase three great additions to our roster.

You can download NBA JAM: On Fire Edition starting Oct. 4th for $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft points.

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