Chris Webber & Nike Basketball’s ‘Barbershop’ Campaign

By: 10.28.11

There’s something organic about a pro basketball player sprawled out in a corner barbershop talking about the first player he ever dunked on. We aren’t sure if C-Webb is acting in this, but if you watched this back in ’93 – before everything that came later – you might’ve said I wanna rock those dude’s sneakers. If you need to know, that’s “Strawberry Letter 23” playing in the background.

Apparently, if you wear his Nikes, you’ll be like Chris and you’ll find girls named Amanda who like to fantasize about you when you aren’t there, dream about shaping your hair up and swoons at the mention of your name. And you wonder why Nike’s commercials always kill it? There’s the man Mitch Richmond in there too which takes this ad to another level. Watching these makes me want to starting rocking the sweat suits again.

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